THE SILENCER #9 is a solid issue. The visuals by Pat Zircher are amazing. The artwork showcases the sheer power of these characters. Dan Abnett brings us a story full of action and magic. And the ending will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat.
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Magic has brought total chaos into the Silencer’s life. When the head of Leviathan’s magical division, Lady Wishbone, casts her spell, the Silencer switches bodies with her nemesis, Quietus. Talk about Freaky Friday. Written by Dan Abnett, THE SILENCER #9 is full of action and excitement. And the artwork by Pat Zircher is a visual treat. Will the Silencer and Quietus form an unlikely alliance? Check out THE SILENCER #9 to find out!

A Vacation Nightmare

THE SILENCER #9 opens up with Quietus, the robotic leader of one of the Leviathan factions, trapped inside the Silencer’s body. As he tries to escape, the Silencer appears, trapped in Quietus’ body. While they try to figure out each other’s powers, they begin to fight and It’s absolute mayhem. They’re crashing through windows, flipping cars, and basically destroying the entire city in SILENCER #9.

After a brutal battle, both agree on a truce, to join forces against Talia Al Ghul and Lady Wishbone. Together, they plan to restore their original bodies and prevent Talia from being resurrected in the Lazarus Pit.

THE SILENCER #9 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Lady Wishbone continues to use her magic to cause more trouble, despite the fact that she is running out of energy. Using her loyal student, Michael, and the last bit of magic, she transforms him into a mammoth sized monster. So now, the Silencer has to face off against Godzilla. And where is this monster headed? The amusement park where Honor Guest’s family is. How will she balance fighting a monster and keeping her family safe? If anyone can do both, it’s the Silencer. I’m anxiously waiting for the next chapter.

Action Packed Artwork

Most of THE SILENCER #9 centers around this epic fight between Quietus and the Silencer. With falling glass shards and smashed up cars, those intricate details by Pat Zircher extenuate the destruction caused in their battle. The line work in the background shows the speed and brute force of their attacks.

The color scheme of THE SILENCER #9 is great too. I also love the psychedelic violets and teals surrounding Lady Wishbone when she is performing magic.  And the sunset orange background during the fight scene really highlights just how powerful the Silencer and Quietus are. Overall, Pat Zircher’s art style looks amazing and makes THE SILENCER #9 worth reading even more.

Lady Wishbone

THE SILENCER #9 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

I don’t understand Lady Wishbone’s motivation for causing chaos with her magic. In THE SILENCER #9, She claims that people within the organization underestimate magic. I find that hard to believe, magic is a powerful force, in any story. Because her gifts were belittled, she decides to create this chaos.

Yes, the witch was buying Talia Al Ghul some time by switching the Silencer and Quietus’ bodies. But frankly, it seems she was protecting her pride more than her boss. So, I’m not sure how Lady Wishbone fits into the overall storyline.

Final Thoughts on THE SILENCER #9

THE SILENCER #9 is a solid issue. All of the fighting scenes look amazing. Every smash and crash looks like it’s ripped straight out of an action film. The artwork by Pat Zircher showcases the strength and abilities of the Silencer and Quietus. The use of eye-catching color makes each panel stand out. Dan Abnett’s story is great. The ending of SILENCER #9 left me hanging on the edge of my seat.

My concern for THE SILENCER #9 is the introduction of Lady Wishbone. The inclusion of magic in this plotline feels unnecessary. There was so much going on with this comic already, with this war of assassins and Leviathan breaking apart, that bringing in Lady Wishbone is an unneeded element. For now, she seems to sidetrack the real focus of the story, the main conflict between Honor and Talia.

On the other hand, the Silencer and Quietus forming this tense alliance is an interesting turn of events. They share a common enemy. With their embroiled rivalry, and stuck in each other’s bodies, how will the two work together? Is there any honor among thieves? No pun intended.

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