Peter David created a monster, and that monster has returned for Secret Wars! Maestro is back in Future Imperfect #1! What has this ruthless tyrant been up to since the days of Future Imperfect? Wait no longer to find out- this June Maestro turns his wrath on X-Factor. If you are wondering, this is a no brainer. Peter David + X-Factor + Maestro = epic and fun story. Loved what Peter has done with X-Factor recently, so this story has me X-static! Enjoy this preview courtesy of Marvel.

Official Press Release:

Maestro Smash! Your New Look at the WARZONES! of FUTURE IMPERFECT #1!

Hulk is the strongest there is! Now, he’s the smartest, most calculating, ruthless villain there is too! This June, ask yourselves – can anyone stop the Maestro? That’s the question when the oppressive lord of Dystopia comes to Battleworld for FUTURE IMPERFECT #1! Legendary writer Peter David returns to the nuclear ravaged wastelands he made famous alongside artist Greg Land for an explosive all-new Secret Wars tale! Now calling himself the Maestro, the Hulk stands triumphant over the world’s heroes and villains having bested them all! Ruling his domain on Battleworld, his gamma-fisted tyranny knows no bounds. Can anyone stop him? Nobody knows – but that won’t stop a small band of rebels led by X-FACTOR from trying! The battle for freedom begins this June in the bombastic pages of FUTURE IMPERFECT #1!

Written by PETER DAVID
Art & Cover by GREG LAND
Variant Cover by DALE KEOWN
Ant-Sized Variant by DALE KEOWN
In-“Gwen”-ible Hulk Variant by NICK BRADSHAW
On-Sale – 06/03/15
















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