LUMBERJANES Vol, 7 by Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh, Carey Pietsch, Ayme Sotuyo, Maarta Laiho, Aubrey Aiese.
LUMBERJANES Vol. 7 brings back the fast-paced heroics of our favorite campers. With exuberant art fit for the energetic story, LUMBERJANES Vol. 7 does not disappoint. Join the Roanoke team as they are swept along on a new adventure, complete with wild beasts and supernatural kittens!
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Adventure to the Max!

The Roanokes are back at it in LUMBERJANES Vol. 7: A BIRD’S-EYE VIEW. With charming writing by Shannon Watters and Kat Leyh, and marvelous art by Carey Pietsch and Ayme Sotuyo, the latest addition to the BOOM! Box series soars to new heights.

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LUMBERJANES Vol. 7 is packed with shenanigans, beginning with April, Molly, Mal, Ripley, and Jo sneaking their friend, Scouting Lad Barney, into the camp. Barney is an aspiring Lumberjane, who reasonably adores his friends in the Roanoke cabin. Camp counselor Jen is none too pleased with these developments. Nor with the news that the Grand Lodge is coming for a special inspection. To make matters worse, the hoard of kittens (brought to life following Ripley’s brief foray into omnipotence in issue #8) has taken occupancy at the camp. Since this is no ordinary camp, it comes as no surprise that these are no ordinary kittens! 

When the Grand Lodge arrives, Jen wants to make a good impression. Unfortunately, fate has other plans for the team. Surprisingly, it’s not the kittens that threaten Jen’s goals. Instead, a giant horned bird snatches the Grand Lodge before they can even get out of their van. It is up to the Roanokes, Barney, and a new frenemy, Hes, to save the day. You’d better believe that those magical kittens will come in handy now.

Volume 7 consists of LUMBERJANES #25-28. If supernatural kittens are not enough to entice you, the energetic narrative with puns, camp rivalries, and very important guests will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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Art with Cat-itude!  

In LUMBERJANES Vol. 7, the Roanokes try to return the magical kittens to Barney and the Scouting Lads. It is easy to empathize with the campers, who do not want to part ways with the adorable felines. The kittens, though catastrophic, are simply adorable. Furthermore, Carey Pietsch and Ayme Sotuyo capture the enthusiasm felt by the young heroes and translate that same enthusiasm to the story as a whole. Who wouldn’t love a telekinetic kitten?

Image courtesy of BOOM! Studios.

Pietsch and Sotuyo marvelously interpret Noelle Stevenson’s original character design in LUMBERJANES Vol. 7. Consequently, the colorful cast move about the comic with bursts of youthful joy and determination. Pietsch and Sotuyo’s artwork conveys delightfully contagious lightheartedness. The Roanoke’s determination to have fun and save the day is presented skillfully in effervescent art. As a result of the skillful line work, the characters come off as cute, caring, and bright. The large eyes and expressive faces of their characters bring the heroes to life. Rather than being horrifying, even the monstrous bird is endearing.

LUMBERJANES’ work highlights different artists in many of the issues. As a result of the diverse styles and approaches, the series celebrates diversity to the utmost. Pietsch and Sotuyo’s artwork are wonderful examples of this trend. Most significantly, LUMBERJANES Vol. 7 continues the series’ effort to depict all shapes, sizes, genders, and races with respect and care. One of the comics’ best features is the diversity of bodies present on the page. Pietsch and Sotuyo gracefully deliver on LUMBERJANES’ goal to represent diversity of all kinds, with friendship as the central focus. 

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“Now We’re Cooking with Dynamite”

LUMBERJANES writers Shannon Watters and Kat Leyh keep the whimsy of the series alive with humorously hyperbolic catchphrases. “Now we’re cooking with dynamite” is only one of the many such examples from Vol. 7.  Seasoned LUMBERJANES fans will not be surprised by April’s femme-inspired exclamations (for example, “What in Katie Sandwina’s name is that!!”). But her signature interjections are a shining example of LUMBERJANES’ fantastic writing.

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LUMBERJANES Vol. 7 is full of the series’ hallmark humor. Due to the ultra-cute characters and their enthusiasm, readers might mistake the LUMBERJANES as childish or silly. However, that would be an overly cynical take on the self-aware comic. LUMBERJANES plays up cutesy humor to offset the otherwise rambunctious action-packed narrative.

Watters and Leyh, seasoned LUMBERJANES writers, capture the heart of each character through fast-paced dialogue. Furthermore, each character’s language use is distinct, and Watters and Leyh maintain their characters with skill. As always, Jen worries over the wellbeing of her campers. Jo exudes patient confidence. April is exuberance incarnate. Molly and Mal bring tenderness to the text. And Ripley is the spirit of uninhibited joy. Because of Watters and Leyh’s attention to detail, LUMBERJANES Vol. 7 continues to do justice to the characters.

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LUMBERJANES Vol. 7: Humor, Acceptance, and FRIENDSHIP TO THE MAX!  

LUMBERJANES Vol. 7 is a charming addition to the collection. As always, the upbeat attitudes of the comics’ heroines leave room for the true heart of the comic. Friendship, first and foremost, is the hallmark of the series. LUMBERJANES Vol. 7 introduces new friends, like Hes and the Zodiac cabin, and ties up loose ends from past adventures. Probably the most heartwarming moment of all is when Barney convinces the Grand Lodge to accept him as a true Lumberjane. Of course, the Lodge reminds us that it is up to you to define what a “hardcore lady-type” is.  With this new addition to the Lumberjane Family and the promise of more excitement to come, LUMBERJANES Vol. 7 is a high flying tale.

Image courtesy of BOOM! Studios.

In conclusion, the series’ artwork highlights diversity and brings new artists to the scene. Pietsch and Sotuyo deliver the energy and fun that LUMBERJANES promises. Watters and Leyh’s experienced writing continues to amplify the series’ humor and kindness with boisterous adventures.

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