ComicsVerse is excited to bring you an exclusive preview of LUMBERJANES #38! LUMBERJANES has become one of our favorite series from BOOM! Box. Above all, the series has always been a hallmark of girl power and diversity, and LUMBERJANES #38 is no exception. Writers Shannon Watters and Kat Leyh team up with artist Ayme Sotuyo for this latest installment of supernatural misadventure.

LUMBERJANES #38 continues the story arc started in LUMBERJANES #37. It’s Parents’ Day at Miss Quinzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types! In LUMBERJANES #37, the girls from the Roanoke cabin decide their relatives absolutely cannot find out about the supernatural events that have become everyday occurrences for them. After their parents arrive, the girls start to show them what they’ve learned so far as Lumberjanes. Simultaneously, the girls work hard to steer their relatives away from the mythical creatures and inter-dimensional portals that plague their camp.

And it turns out Rosie, the camp director, has a contingency plan as well. She organizes a scavenger hunt in the hopes of keeping the parents out of harm’s way. However, all of this threatens to backfire when April and Ripley start to take the competition a little too seriously. Can Rosie’s scavenger hunt distract the parents from the camp’s weirdness? Or will the parents discover what their daughters have really been up to while they’ve been away?

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LUMBERJANES #38 picks up right where LUMBERJANES #37 left off. The girls and their parents have split into two groups and embarked on the scavenger hunt Rosie has planned for them. In the preview, we can see that April and Ripley, fueled by their desire to win, have become the driving forces of each team. Well, and Mal’s mom. The preview also features a little more adorableness between Molly and Mal. Let’s be honest, we cannot get enough of this pair, and we know you can’t either! Furthermore, it looks like Ripley is about to spill the beans about what the Roanoke girls have really been learning at camp.

The preview promises more of the antics we have come to expect from Mal, Molly, April, Jo, and Ripley! Additionally, it shows off the colorful and expressive art that LUMBERJANES is known for. We cannot wait to get our hands on the rest of this issue! Make sure to pick up your own copy of LUMBERJANES #38 when it hits shelves on Wednesday, May 24th!

LUMBERJANES #38 Full Preview



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