Finally! The time has come! Lucifer is in the Dreaming. He has a small window of time to travel to where Gods begin and end. Sycroax is running out of time.


DC Comics


Lucifer is in the Dreaming. Time is almost up for Sycorax, and so the devil dares travel to where gods begin and end. Meanwhile: an old god’s temple is torn down, and angel flesh proves less than palatable.

Written by Dan Watters
Pencils by Max Fiumara
Inks by Max Fiumara
Colored by Dave McCaig
Cover by Tiffany Turrill

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All images courtesy of DC Comics.


Dan Watters and Max Fiumara takes us on a ride we won’t soon forget! We get to see a God’s temple being torn down, and how angel flesh is…less than delicious. Watters gives us a story that transports us into another world, and the afterlife. Paired with Fiumara’s wonderous art, we’re getting a small taste of the delicious story that is yet to come.

ComicsVerse was lucky enough to snag an exclusive preview of LUCIFER #12! Check out what will soon be in your future. Well, if you’re lucky, that is. If you aren’t caught up yet, or worse, have yet to start, it’s not too late!

Lucifer #12

DC Comics

DC Comics


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