LOBO ROAD RUNNER SPECIAL #1 By Bill Morrison and Kelly Jones
DC has explored many universes over the years, and we now have one of the best team-ups ever. It brings nostalgic characters to a new DC universe!
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The team up that should have been done decades ago
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DC’s latest installments of nostalgic books are teaming up LOONEY TUNES characters with our beloved comic book heroes. LOBO ROAD RUNNER SPECIAL #1 is practically a no-brainer, but also a genius combination that’s filled with fun and entertainment. Finally pairing the Main Man himself, Lobo, the ultimate bounty hunter in the DCU, with the notorious Roadrunner, the master of escapes and trickery. So, we get a new origin story for our Looney characters and some great Easter eggs throughout the entire book.

New Beginnings

The issue begins in the Nevada Desert in 1949, a hunter tracking down a lone coyote. First off, 1949 was the first year that Wile E. Coyote appeared, part of Chuck Jones’s universe of talking animals doing diabolical things in cartoons. The first line that is spoken by the hunter, “Say your prayers, wabbit…” instantly tells us that Elmer Fudd is our hunter. The coyote is then captured and taken to ACME Laboratories, where the horrific origin of Wile begins. This brings us into a science fiction laboratory filled with scientists testing on random animals. Here, we see a small bunny and a giant black and white cat in testing tanks. As we know, even from their past in cartoons, these are no ordinary animals!

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LOBO ROAD RUNNER SPECIAL #1 page 6. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Somehow, the animals escape, and the never-ending chase through history begins as Wile hunts down the Roadrunner. Hinting that the chase between Wilie and the Roadrunner all began with hunger, then became a never-ending obsession, the constant defeat of Wile continues to the present day. This is where Lobo comes in, receiving money on the planet Dyspepsia 9 (Dyspepsia, in short, is indigestion. Clever, right?).

Wile, now captured by agents of Area 52, meets Sam the sheepdog, another beloved Looney character. So Sam helps Wile escape and hints for him to meet up with Lobo. Overall, the rest of the issue has a classic cartoon vibe and the chase of a lifetime for Lobo and the Roadrunner.

LOBO ROAD RUNNER SPECIAL #1 page 20. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Creator Talk

Bill Morrison is known mostly for his work with Disney and as an illustrator for THE SIMPSONS. Here, in LOBO ROAD RUNNER SPECIAL #1, Morrison brings us wonderful chases and brilliant references showcasing his favorite heroes in the DCU, twisting history around enough to make this one-shot enjoyable. Also, Kelly Jones does a remarkable job with his artwork here. Having been made famous for his work on SWAMP THING and BATMAN, Jones brings us some clever backgrounds and a very classic feel to the story.

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That’s All Folks

Overall, LOBO ROAD RUNNER SPECIAL #1 is a tale that needed to be told. A story that needs no others after it, but something that just needed to happen because of how clever it was to pair up these characters. The issue is filled with enough references and Easter eggs that you’ll catch something new every time you read it. Like the STAR WARS reference that many likely overlooked. Also, the issue title is a parody of Wile and the Roadrunner’s first episode title. Fast and the Fraggy-ous, is pulled from the 1949 release of Fast and the FURRY-ous. Morrison and Kelly did a phenomenal job of bringing back the nostalgic TV vibes and tossing them perfectly into a comic book. We’ll be looking forward to more of the DC/LOONEY TUNES specials coming out soon!

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