The MCU is celebrating its first ten years, but even so, Marvel Studios’ latest announcement gave release dates from now till 2022, offering about 9 release dates with unknown titles. With that in mind, let’s project with what we already know and figure out which titles will be the most likely MCU films for the announced future.

Films We Already Know About

As it stands, CAPTAIN MARVEL releases next on March 8th. ENDGAME releases next on April 26th. After that, we will get ENDGAME on April 26th and SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME on  July 5th.

It should be noted that Sony’s plans for Spidey include hopes for 5 films or more. After this, there have been no confirmed titles aside from James Gunn announcing GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL. 3 would release in 2020. That being said, it’s unclear where GOTG 3 stands as this time. Regardless, this still leaves us with 9 unknown MCU films from 2020 onward.

1. GOTG VOL. 3: More than a Most Likely MCU Film

As previously noted, James Gunn said that VOL. 3 will release in 2020. While there has yet to be an official statement from Marvel Studios, we can be sure that the sequel is coming at some point. Maybe with new guardians? It will be interesting to see the cosmos in the post-INFINITY WAR universe. Also, it’ll be pretty likely that we’ll see Adam Warlock, Ayesha’s new creation last seen in one of the several VOL 2. post-credit scenes.

Possible Date: 2020

Possible Plot: Adam Warlock is sent by the Ayesha and the Sovereign to take out the Guardians as revenge for their misdeeds against them. I would imagine Adam having a change of heart during the film, joining the Guardians, and helping them face a larger threat. Perhaps the Annihilation Wave?


A sequel to the incredibly successful BLACK PANTHER film is a no-brainer. The film is well on its way to potentially being the highest-grossing Marvel film ever, and its only been out for three weeks! Black Panther fans should fully expect a sequel to release during this time frame. Wakanda is visually stunning, and T’Challa continuing to serve as warrior and king has proven to be immensely engaging and entertaining.

Possible Date: 5/7/21

Possible Plot: Black Panther could face problems with his own Wakandan people for bringing their nation onto the world stage. They are known by the rest of the world, and their country would be dealing with the aftermath of Thanos’ onslaught. Perhaps T’Challa will have to defend against potential revolution and those who would seek to take advantage of the unrest?

3. BLACK WIDOW Solo Film

The fan demand is high, and it’s finally in development. The absence of a BLACK WIDOW solo film is a void that many Natasha fans want filled. Fans have only received a glimpse at Agent Romanoff’s past with minor references to her time with the KGB and the flashback to her Red Room training in AGE OF ULTRON.

Whether it’s about her past or present, any plot that centers around the Black Widow would be a very exciting one. Espionage, covert ops, assassinations, and overall spy work is always a sure-fire recipe to attract audiences.

Possible Date: 7/30/21

Possible Plot: Natasha is on a solo espionage mission that becomes personal. While she is working to stop the forces at work, she reflects on her past life in the KGB and early days at SHIELD. We could also see more of her training as a young girl and finally know about Drakov’s daughter, Sao Paulo, and the hospital file, all of which Loki referenced in the first AVENGERS.



Assuming that CAPTAIN MARVEL does well, and let’s be honest it probably will, a sequel would certainly be warranted. However, according to what we know about the plot of the first film, the timing will be set in the ’90s. This begs the question: Where has Carol Danvers been throughout the entirety of the MCU timeline?

Has she been in space? Will she return for ENDGAME? With so many unknowns at this point, it’s hard to know what a sequel would look like. It’s definitely a possibility though. With the exception of THE INCREDIBLE HULK, every MCU film so far has had a sequel already, or one planned.

Possible Date: 11/5/21

Possible Plot: We can also assume that CAPTAIN MARVEL will be pretty origin heavy, so I would hope for maybe seeing Kamala Khan, the current Ms. Marvel in the comics. A Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel team-up would be pretty fun, and audiences would be able to get their first on-screen look at Marvel’s premier Pakistani-American superhero.


Fans could possibly get another look into the multiverse and the Astral Plane with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange. The character is a favorite, and assuming that he survives Thanos, fans will probably be wanting more from Strange. His nemesis, Karl Mordo, was set up in the first film as his friend turned rogue sorcerer.

At the end of the film, Mordo claims he wants no more magic or sorcerers. This is ripe for a sequel, as it would put the Sorcerer Supreme in direct conflict with Mordo. How can he protect the world if there is no magic? DOCTOR STRANGE 2 is absolutely positioned to be one of most likely MCU films for the future.

Possible Date: 2/18/22

Possible Plot: Beyond Strange vs. Mordo, it would be very exciting to see Strange explore more of the multiverse. Dare I say, Strange visits the Ultimate Universe?


Sony loves the reception that HOMECOMING has brought. Therefore, I would imagine after the 2019 sequel, Sony and Marvel Studios will most likely be hard at work with a third film featuring Peter Parker. Maybe enough time will have passed for Sony/Marvel to feel comfortable bringing a new take on the Green Goblin or Doc Ock. One can dream.

Possible Date: 5/6/22

Possible Plot: After defeating another villain such as Mysterio in SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME, several villains get together to take the wall-crawler down once and for all. Under the leadership of Norman Osborn, villains such as the Vulture, Scorpion, Kraven, Mysterio, and Doctor Octopus will come together with a sinister goal to bring him down. Peter might need some help, and who better to help him than a fellow wall-crawler, like Miles Morales?


7. Thor 4

Many people, including those who worked on it, see THOR RAGNAROK as a brand new direction for the THOR franchise. Its vastly different perspective and style create a much more positive reception from audiences and critics alike when compared to its predecessors.

Again, assuming that the God of Thunder survives ENDGAME, it would be in Marvel Studios’ best interest to have a sequel. They would most likely want to bring director Taika Waititi back to direct in order to maintain the new chapter for Thor’s adventures. While Thor actor Chris Hemsworth says he’s nearing the end of his time with Marvel, he has interest in doing another THOR film with Waititi directing.

Possible Date: 7/29/22

Possible Plot: Armed with his new weapon, Thor is now a king without a kingdom. While searching for a new home for his people, Thor meets none other than Beta Ray Bill. Bill aids Thor in his quest to build a new Asgard. However, there may be those who do not wish for a new Asgard to rise.



Another most likely film near the end of this slate would be another AVENGERS feature. A new team could be introduced to new threats. Kang the Conqueror, the Masters of Evil, the Skrulls, Multiversal Invaders, the possibilities are virtually endless once the threat of Thanos is dealt with.

The question of what comes next might be one of the most exciting things about the new slate of films.


There’s a very good chance that Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox will finalize during this timeframe. If it does, Marvel Studios will have access to both the X-Men and Fantastic 4 characters and properties. Those characters could then integrate with the MCU overall. Whole new regions of source material that was previously unavailable to Marvel Studios would open up.

AVENGERS VS. X-MEN would be an amazing comic event to turn into a film epic following some introductory X-MEN films. The Fantastic Four could introduce other dimensions and realities. Epic villains such as Doctor Doom, Molecule Man, or even the Mole Man would all most likely become available for the MCU to use. Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, would be perfect for a massive team-up film.

It could feature all three teams in an extinction level event worthy of that sort of team up.

10. NOVA

Another fan favorite, Nova is a character whom many wish would join the MCU’s final frontier. While the Nova Corp is present in the GUARDIANS films, fans are looking for the specific introduction of Richard Ryder or even Sam Alexander. This film could totally play up the action cop genre in space, which just sounds awesome.

However, any iteration of Nova, whether Richard or Sam, could easily become integrated into a Guardians team as well. While still fun, I think many would prefer to see a full Nova film. Previously seen Nova Corp members could be seen as well such as Glenn Close’s Nova Prime or John C. Reilly’s Rhomann Day.


Wonder Man, or Simon Williams, was an actor who gained superpowers in the Marvel Comics. He was even an Avenger, and Nathan Fillion already sort of plays him in the MCU. It’s true! In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2, a deleted easter egg shows a Simon Williams film festival on Earth. Several of Williams’ B-movie film posters line the walls of the theater with Nathan Fillion’s face in his different roles.

Meant to be a fun sort of cameo for Fillion, the quick shot was unfortunately deleted from the final cut of the film. However, this means there is a precedent for Fillion to play Simon in a whole WONDER MAN film, however unlikely that may be. I’m thinking a comedy where Williams is a jerk actor when all of a sudden he has powers and totally abuses them? Who knows? Maybe that would be better for a TV series.

Final Thoughts

Because the fourth phase of the MCU is almost upon us, it’s very likely that many of the actors from the first phase will cease to be featured as heavily in the MCU. For some, perhaps not at all. For example, Robert Downey Jr.’s time in the MCU is almost up due to contract deals. The actor himself isn’t getting any younger either and might want to explore other roles to play. The MCU has a tendency to occupy the majority of an actor’s work life.

While this seems sad, there can be excitement as well. Everything is pointing to characters from the second and third phases getting more screen time, and new characters will come as time goes on. In the comics, the roster of heroes for the Avengers constantly changes. Why shouldn’t that be the case in the MCU, especially now that it has enough of the contextual means to do so? Their bittersweetness of losing the old guard is going to be felt for a while, but the new era of heroes if definitely something to get excited about. Here’s to the next decade and hopefully beyond!

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