Today, Titan Comics and Square Enix announced a new comic series set in the world of LIFE IS STRANGE.

Titan Comics’ “LIFE IS STRANGE” will be a four-part miniseries launching sometime this year. According to both Enix and Titan, the story will pick up in Arcadia Bay and will feature characters from the beloved game series.


LIFE IS STRANGE is a popular franchise of graphic adventure games. In it, players take the role of a high school girl, who manipulates time to solve puzzles and mysteries. The game was praised for its branching stories and developed characters, so a comic series feels like a smart choice for a spin-off.

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The first game, released in 2015, centers around a high school girl named Max Caulfield. Max is an amateur photographer who suddenly realizes she can “rewind” time. Along with her best friend Chloe, the two investigate the disappearance of one of their classmates and uncover a dark side to their sleepy Oregon town.

The game sold over 3 million units to date, with an 82% on opencritic.

Disrupting the fabric of space and time? Just another day at high school.

A prequel named BEFORE THE STORM released in August of last year. Set three years before the first game, BEFORE THE STORM focuses on the relationship of Chloe and Amber: the girl who later goes missing.

LIFE IS STRANGE Goes Into Another Medium!

A lot of us at ComicsVerse have played this game, and it’s great to watch this IP grow. I’m a big fan of “expanded universes,” sequels and spin-offs that add depth to an established world. I never expected this series to get this big, but it’s a welcome surprise. Hopefully the comic can live up to the charm and mystery of the video games.

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