The LEX LUTHOR/PORKY PIG SPECIAL #1 is an absolute treat to read. It’s hilarious from start to finish while also being a legitimately engaging story. Mark Russell loads the book with biting, contemporary satire. You won’t want to miss this stupendous book. If you loved THE FLINTSTONES, you must pick up this book.
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Sizzling Satire

Mark Russell, the genius writer behind THE FLINTSTONES and THE SNAGGLEPUSS CHRONICLES: EXIT STAGE LEFT is back. This time, he sets his satirical sights on the ridiculousness and ruthlessness of big business in the LEX LUTHOR/PORKY PIG SPECIAL #1. In this crossover, Lex hires Porky to run his new social media platform, Lexema. Russell fills the issue with downright hilarious satire and a story which is engaging in its own right. It is way better than a Lex Luthor/Porky Pig crossover book has any right to be. Just like the BATMAN/ELMER FUDD SPECIAL which came before it, this issue is destined to be a surprise success. Brad Walker’s relatively cartoony art style is a perfect fit for this screwball tale. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

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The Fall and Rise of Porky Pig in LEX LUTHOR/PORKY PIG SPECIAL #1

The LEX LUTHOR/PORKY PIG SPECIAL #1 opens with Porky Pig’s company Porkybux’s near-instantaneous rise and fall. It turns from an overnight success to a failure in one day, thanks to a security breach which costs poor Porky everything. Down on his luck, he becomes a waiter at his favorite restaurant, where he meets Lex Luthor. Luthor takes a liking to Porky and offers him a job as the Director of Consumer Relations for Lexema, Lexcorp’s brand-new social media site. Porky learns that Luthor catered the site to appeal to bottom-feeding trolls and racists who were kicked off of other platforms. Porky decides not to worry about it, though, since he got a second chance. His biggest worry is finding out who keeps stealing the employees’ sandwiches from the break room refrigerator. He starts an investigation, but the culprit comes as a surprise.

LEX LUTHOR/PORKY PIG SPECIAL #1 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

All the while, Luthor’s main plan behind Lexema is to steal the passwords and personal information from his users in order to blackmail them. What happens when the government gets word of Luthor’s dastardly plot? Pick up LEX LUTHOR/PORKY PIG SPECIAL #1 to find out!


Russell pulls no punches in this book. He goes after everyone from smarmy financial news show hosts to disreputable pharmaceutical company owners. It feels like an incredibly timely comic. It also feels like a spiritual successor to THE FLINTSONES. Russell adds in tons of pointed satire in order to shine a light on a lot of modern society’s ills. For example, a side plot which runs through the book follows Dr. Sivana and Professor Ivo, reimagined not as mad scientists, but Pharmabros. Much like Martin Shkreli, they take a life-saving drug and vastly increase the price of it. Also like Shkreli, they don’t seem to have any remorse whatsoever. Russell plays this for laughs by making them so over-the-top evil and somewhat dumb that it’s laughable. However, it’s also not at all far from the truth in this insane world we live in.

The biggest satire of the book, though, is of Luthor’s ruthless business practices combined with his incredibly fragile ego. It’s pretty blatant that Luthor’s supposed to be a stand-in for Donald Trump in many ways. The biggest of which is the ego. Luthor has a pesky troll who keeps mocking him. Instead of ignoring him, Luthor makes it a point to brag about his smarts and his physical looks on a public forum. It feels like a satire of Trump’s tweets, especially those about being incredibly smart. It reeks of desperation and childishness, and Russell did a fantastic job capturing this. I would read an entire Lex Luthor series by Russell if he wrote it like this book. The issue is chock full of damn-near-perfect satire.

Tonally Perfect Art in LEX LUTHOR/PORKY PIG SPECIAL #1

Walker’s artwork in the LEX LUTHOR/PORKY PIG SPECIAL #1 fits the tone so well. He makes each character look appropriately cartoony while still retaining a bit of realism. Much like the book, it’s like a slightly more cartoony version of our own lives in 2018. In the opening page, the body language and facial expressions of the knockoff Jim Cramer are hilariously cartoony. He looks like he’s about to burst a blood vessel screaming. Plus, the disparity between the first panel’s manic hysteria to the last panel’s angered dejection is the perfect pairing to Russell’s script. It’s also not too far off from the real way Cramer acts onscreen. It exemplifies what I mean by a slightly stylized version of our own lives.

LEX LUTHOR/PORKY PIG SPECIAL #1 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.


Superman Forever In ACTION COMICS SPECIAL #1

The LEX LUTHOR/PORKY PIG SPECIAL #1 is just about perfect. For one, it’s a hilarious book. It made me laugh multiple times, which is rare for a comic to do. I may smirk, but I almost never audibly laugh while reading a comic. It’s high praise coming from me. Plus, it even adds in a bit of character development and drama for Porky, which saves the book from being an outright humor comic (not that I’d have a problem with it if it was). Overall, I highly recommend this book. It’s an absolute joy to read.

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