The chill of winter is still in the air, but good things are afoot. In Cow House Press’s LEMONADE SUMMER by Gabi Mendez, you’ll find comfort, adventure, and some tough topics in seven unique comics surrounding queer youth during the summer months.

Now live on Kickstarter, the comic is a great investment for anyone, especially young adults. Currently, the Kickstarter is only about $3,000 into its $15,000 goal. But with your help LEMONADE SUMMER can become a reality! Here’s why you should consider supporting this collection.

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Positive Coming of Age for Queer Youth

As many queer people can attest to, we don’t really see ourselves that often in media. As a kid, I would have never dreamed of seeing myself in a comic or TV show. I didn’t even know what to look for. Fortunately, small publishers like Cow House Press are aiding in this lack of representation.

Many larger publishers still tend to shy away from inclusion because they believe people can’t relate to characters that aren’t exactly like themselves. And I’ll tell you, as somebody who has had to find myself in many heteronormative characters, this simply isn’t true.

lemonade summer
Image courtesy of Cow House Press

LEMONADE SUMMER looks like a great collection because it not only includes those who are often left out, but it also doesn’t depict these characters as confused or doomed in life. Many queer stories have to end in tragedy or are inherently mature, but it’s clear that we need comics and stories that show young people that everything they feel is okay. Whether they be gay, bisexual, asexual, trans, non-binary, or many other categories, they should be free to explore their identities in a safe, nurturing way.

What I love about this collection is that these marginalized identities are important to each story. However, they don’t dictate the plot. These are just kids and young adults going on adventures. From pirates to shoujo-inspired roller derby romance, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Personally, I’m excited about “Aventurera” because I’m a huge sucker for road trip stories.

Lemonade Summer
Image courtesy of Cow House Press


If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on this book ASAP. There are a few ways you can help. If you can’t spend much, don’t worry! Every dollar helps in the long run. But if you’re able to, the pledge options for this Kickstarter are pretty rewarding.

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On the low budget side, $5 gets your name on the thank you page. But, if you want to read the comics as well, $10 includes a PDF and $20 includes the physical copy. Stepping up the ladder, $25 will get you the physical copy as well as a set of three lovely postcards. And if you’re feeling extra charitable, Cow House Press offers a $30 tier for anyone who wants to donate a copy of LEMONADE SUMMER to a library, youth center, or school of your choice.

This is a great option because it gets the book into the hands of those who need it most. The $50 also allows you to donate two to five copies, or get postcards, posters, and custom bookplates. More than $150 includes more personalized elements, such as commissions from Mendez and a full set of postcards.

Lemonade Summer
Image courtesy of Cow House Press

No matter how much you can contribute, every cent helps with printing, distribution, and promotion. So much work goes into projects like this and I would love to see it flourish and set an example for many more queer stories to come.

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Support LEMONADE SUMMER on Kickstarter by April 7th!

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