LEGION is back for another trippy season filled with intrigue and high stakes but with dazzling visuals. David Haller’s world just got crazier as we jump into season two. After the mind-bending twists from the first season, one would think this new season would be standard storytelling. After a glance at the season premiere, FX‘s acclaimed series LEGION is still anything but normal. Things are about to get nuts in the best way.

Dan Stevens Legion Chapter 9

LEGION Picks Up A Year Later

We pick up just roughly a year after last season’s finale, but to David, it seems to have only been a day. We saw him in the final moments being zapped and taken away by a mysterious mechanical orb. The Shadow King is still on the run inhabiting the body of Oliver Bird.

Most of the mutants of Summerland have now joined forces with Division III to hunt down the demonic entity. We find out that the Shadow King has spread a virus that freezes people’s bodies with their teeth only moving. On top of that, the Shadow King is searching for his original body. Once found, he will be an unstoppable force that not even David can fight against.

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Former Enemies Turned Allies

With both teams on the same side, it leaves things a bit confusing for David. We have to remember that to him, he’s been gone for a day but in reality, it’s a whole year. The race is on for them to find the original body of the mutant parasite. It’ll make things interesting to see how two former enemies help each other for a common goal. With David taking all this in, he’s also piecing together what really happened to him during his yearlong absence.

As the season opens up, we find all the characters becoming well acquainted at Division III after David’s disappearance. After joining forces with Division III, each of the Summerland mutants are working in different departments. We find Ptonomy working with Clark out on the field. Cary can be found working in the research division while Kerry leads the tactical team. That leaves Syd and Melanie in charge of the strategy division to improve mutant relations with the general public.

Dan Stevens Legion Chapter 9

There’s More to Division III

The episode does get deeper into the operations of Division 3, something we haven’t seen in the first season. It helps set up some main plot lines for the season as we explore the mysteries of this shadowy organization. It’s puzzling to think that this group is being led by a man wearing a basket on his head. Admiral Fukuyama, as he’s called, also is accompanied by three mustached females with robot voices. Things do get weirder as we learn more about this government agency.

Dan Stevens Bill Irwin Legion Chapter 9

What Happened to David?

What’s even more complicated is that David was in contact with the Shadow King, even though he wasn’t aware at first. Towards the end of the hour, we learn that a future version of Syd was the one who sent the drone. She tells David that he must help the Shadow King find his original body.

It seems like something happens in the future that would cause Syd to travel back and tell David. It looks like David’s relationship with Syd is about to get a whole lot complicated. David’s life never seems to ever slow down with everything that’s going on.

What We Can Expect From LEGION Season Two

Second Season is Still Just as Good

Similar to the first season, the characters, dialogue, and cinematography are amazing. What makes LEGION so unique is the artwork that goes with the cinematic shots and music. Dan Stevens continues to captivate us with his performance as David.

Even Jermaine Clement is hilarious as Oliver and his chemistry with Audrey Plaza’s Lenny is fun to watch. LEGION truly is unlike any other show in the superhero genre when it comes to style. Every scene shown is like a visual spectacle with so many layers and detail. It can be a little disturbing and repulsive to the viewer, but it’s also exhilarating to watch.

After the connections made to the X-Men universe in the first season, the second season is looking to go into new territory. With the introduction to the mysterious leader of Division 3, it doesn’t appear that this guy has any connections to the comics. Fans of the X-Men stories will find themselves confused at this new world that LEGION sets up. However, it seems like that is what the show is designed to do from the get-go.

“Inside the Mind of a Madman”: Dr. Hannah Jones Goes to Work in LEGION #2

Don’t Expect to Understand What’s Happening Yet

The first episode is a little hard to take in, much like the first season. It’s difficult to know what parts will be essential to the story and if the weirdness serves a purpose. If it’s anything like the first season, we may get these answers towards the end of the new season. For now, it’ll be fun for viewers to go deep into the rabbit hole and discover what else is in store.

Just when you thought LEGION couldn’t get any weirder, we get some crazy sequences. One of the most memorable scenes from the premiere is the dance-off sequence between David, Oliver, and Lenny. Just like that Bollywood dance number in the pilot, there’s an interpretive dance with these characters at a dance club. It’s like watching a fight with a bunch of mutants, which is probably what happened here.

Hopefully, we get to see some more dazzling scenes like this, as we get deeper into season two.

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Enjoy the Ride

It’s a strong start for the new season of LEGION as we get back into its weird, strange world. There are some new mysteries to uncover in the first episode, which will keep us engaged like the first season. What makes LEGION great is the unpredictability of its story and the tone.

With a lot of plotlines introduced, we’ll have to see if it all is worth it in the end. Sometimes patience is key with shows like this. The question is if the viewers are willing to stay invested. All we know is that this will be one crazy ride that we can’t wait to go on.

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