Paris Games Week skyrocketed to the front page of every gaming website this week as Sony took the stage. After hyping up their reveal for the past week, Sony announced several new projects and dropped a dozen or so new trailers for its upcoming slate.Spider-Man swung by, DESTINY 2 revealed its first DLC, and Kratos chucked a hammer as we saw a glimpse of the new GOD OF WAR.

The cherry on top, however, was ominous, mysterious, and brutally hardcore. Sony ended their show with a new teaser for THE LAST OF US PART II. Let’s read way too much into it and take an in-depth look at what it had to offer.

Sony, Last of Us Part II, Naughty Dog
Image Courtesy of Sony

The Old, Familiar Places…

THE LAST OF US had a very distinct setting. Streets were cracked, cars were abandoned, and the highway system was ever-present. Everywhere you went felt similar and grounded in the same apocalyptic fallout. This trailer lets us know immediately it is the same world, but somehow even darker.

Those abandoned cars? Yeah, they’re on fire. Those highway signs above the road? Yeah, dead bodies hanging on them now. We know the game takes place a few years after, but what exactly does that mean?

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In the first game, we saw nature slowly start to take over the manmade structures and cities of the old world. Do the small signs in this trailer tell us the old world is now almost entirely unrecognizable? One can slightly make out some structure hidden within the forest.

Is that the crux of this setting? Has the world finally succumbed to nature? Most of the first game took place in metropolitan areas, so maybe this one will explore the wilderness even more.

The Firefly Connection

The first teaser showed us the Firefly symbol. It was either an Easter egg to tell audiences they were watching a LAST OF US trailer, or they were telling us the Fireflies were still very much a part of this story. The latter is most likely the reason. In the teaser, an unnamed woman is being hanged. Before being killed, a woman named Yara is captured and brought forth.

The one in charge commands Yara’s captors to “clip her wings” as they break her arms. Is Yara a Firefly? If so, this could suggest a rift within the Firefly ranks, considering the one in charge knows her. “Clipping her wings” could have been a derogatory way to tell her she’s no longer one of them.

Are “wings” a general term for arms? It could have just been a badass way for the woman in charge to tell her thugs to break her arms. However, thanks to the unknown leader’s familiarity with Yara, it’s incredibly likely we see some Fireflies at work. Even if she’s not a member, Yara is definitely wanted for some reason.

Sony, Last of Us Part II, Naughty Dog
Image Courtesy of Sony

Assuming that is true, what we know is this: Yara was a Firefly. She did something terrible, apparently tried to escape, and is being punished for it. She’s got people fighting for her, and they’re at odds with the Fireflies. Additionally, there is a “them” in this scenario. Yara orders her child savior, Lev, to cut down the hanging woman before she dies. “She’s one of them,” Lev unsuccessfully objects before cutting her down.

Are the Fireflies at war with the hanging woman’s faction? Are “they” a strand of the infected? There is little to tell, but considering the context of the first trailer, it’s a safe bet that there’s a war brewing and we saw a new alliance formed.

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How Does This Tie Into Ellie, Joel, & THE LAST OF US PART I?

This is still very much Joel and Ellie’s story. That begs the obvious question of…

“What does this have to do with them?”

Answer one is concurrent with Ellie and Joel’s storyline. Whatever is happening, they’re caught in the middle. If there is a war going, they’re dragged in. Perhaps a friend or two of their’s has been killed. Possibly Joel is executed, and Ellie sets out for revenge. Maybe there’s a new world order in place, and people are revolting.

These are all possible, and Ellie and Joel could find a million and one ways to slide in. However, what if it ties in more deeply with Ellie’s immunity to the virus? What if someone knows the truth about Ellie and more are fighting to protect her? What if some maniac wants her dead because they feel humanity doesn’t deserve to survive?

Answer two is where things get really exciting. What if the events in the trailer take place before Joel and Ellie? What if, God forbid, that hanging lady is Ellie’s mom? There’s no telling precisely when this takes place, only that it’s after the outbreak. Timelines could get a little fuzzy, but its possible this ties into Ellie’s origin, whether she has been born yet or not. Sequels, especially from Naughty Dog, often delve in-depth into backstories.

Sony, Last of Us Part II, Naughty Dog
Image courtesy of Sony

Only time will tell…

At the end of the day, this trailer gives a thousand questions for each answer. After all, THE LAST OF US is famously secretive. Guessing and theorizing is all a part of the fun in the gaming industry, so fans might as well run with it.

Maybe all these assumptions are wrong, and the trailer has little to do with the main story. Maybe it has nothing to do with it all. Then again, maybe it has everything to do with it. What do you make of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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