It’s nearing the end of the holiday season. You are checking your list twice and finding a few uncrossed names. You start to sweat. What is the right gift?! Don’t worry. ComicsVerse has got you.

We’ve composed this last-minute guide to the holidays to help you shop for your comic-obsessed friends. Here are some suggestions for gifts related to their biggest geeky obsession.


We have made it no secret here how much we have fallen in love with the new film SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE. And we know we are not alone. Undoubtedly, if you are considering gifting comics to some of the people on your list, we have your back. Take our hand, folks, and let us walk you down the virtual aisles of our comic book emporium to find you exactly what you need.

Image courtesy of Marvel Comics.

The Gift: The SPIDER-VERSE Crossover

The massive crossover event that gave rise to the film — in name and spirit if not really action — is available in just a few trade paperbacks, a handful if you want the preludes too.

Granted, this story does not mirror the movie’s plot or most of the details. However, it does mimic the thrill of seeing how different universes shaped and molded their individual Spideys. And it still certainly covers the concept of multiple Spider-folk meeting, interacting, and collaborating against a massive threat. If you know someone who loves to go back to the source material and decide which did it better, this is the gift for them.

Image courtesy of Marvel Comics.

The Gift: The SPIDER-GEDDON Crossover

The follow-up crossover to SPIDER-VERSE revisits the themes of the original with more Spider-folk and higher stakes than ever. Even bigger than SPIDER-VERSE, the series has spawned several limited series. It is currently nearing its climax, meaning you can get your giftee caught up just in time. Perfect for people who want to follow the ongoing Marvel comics but don’t know where to start.

Image courtesy of Marvel Comics.


Once upon a time, Miles Morales was known as the Ultimate Spider-Man and existed in a universe where a teenage Peter Parker had been killed. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a supervillain opened a portal that pulled in an adult Peter Parker to Miles’ world.

Sound familiar?

Unlike in INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE however, the Parker of SPIDER-MEN is the “main” Spider-Man at the height of his fitness and career. Think the blonde Spider-Man of INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE combined with the luck of the 40-something Parker. Miles and Peter work together to defeat bad guys and travel between worlds.

SPIDER-MEN and SPIDER-MEN II are great for anyone who can’t get enough of father-son dynamics, with or without superpowers.

Image courtesy of DC Comics.


The DC Universe is a place ripe with magical metals. A new one has just been discovered. It is called… Batmantium! Unfortunately, discovering it opens up the Earth to visits from worlds in the Dark Multiverse. These worlds contain twisted Bruce Waynes who have been ruined by tragedies that the Bruce Wayne of the Earth-1 never had to face. Can the heroes of our world overcome a team of Batmen without mercy or morals?

Image courtesy of Image Comics.


INFINITE VACATION takes you to a world (or worlds, rather) where you can travel between universes and explore infinite variations of yourself. If you are rich enough, that is. When Mark cons his way into such a vacation, he discovers that someone is hunting him — all versions of him — through the multi-verse. Mayhem and hilarity ensue. Christian Ward’s art CRUSHES it here, so you’ll be looking back at these visuals again and again.

Image courtesy of Marvel Unlimited.

The Gift: Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited does not have every Marvel Comic ever, but it feels like the service gets closer every month. For a monthly (or the more economic year-long) subscription, your lucky gift recipient can peruse years and years of Spider-Man books. Or other heroes, if the desire arises. Going forward, the service also adds every contemporary comic that is six months old, except for MAX titles.

The service can be accessed via any desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. If you are on the go, you can download up to ten books to read while away from an internet connection.

Gifts For Fans Of BLACK From Black Mask

More and more people are starting to pick up BLACK by Kwanza Osajyefo and Tim Smith III. The story centers on Kareem Jenkins, a boy with unexpected powers. At least, to the masses, these are unexpected powers. Osajyefo and Smith III have created a world where only black people have superpowers, and they have the science to back it up. The team is creating a universe from the ground up, making it easy to find gifts for fans of the graphic novel. 

Image courtesy of Black Mask.


These are all other comics in the BLACK canon. AMERICA’S SWEETHEART is more of a superhero narrative, featuring a young superhero who juggles her identity with her desire to be an all-American icon. WIDOWS & ORPHANS focuses on human trafficking in the BLACK universe. And DEVIL’S DYE covers an investigation around a new drug that causes those with superpowers to lose control.

But if you would rather try your luck with something outside of the series, we have a few more ideas.

Image courtesy of Image.


The BLACK universe is a deep, complex comic with a lot of elements. One of the things I would definitely recommend for a fan would be BITTER ROOT by David F. Walker, Chuck Brown, and Sanford Greene. The story centers on a family during the Harlem Renaissance that hunts monsters. It has some of the same ideas as BLACK, but also takes a different approach, focusing on black people in a sci-fi/fantasy story. It’s a fabulous read, and it’s a fairly new series, so someone just starting out with the comics has a chance to catch up.

Image courtesy of Boom! Studios.

The Gift: GODSHAPER Vol. 1

There’s also the GODSHAPER Vol. 1 by Simon Spurrier, Vinz el Tabanas, and Jonas Goonface. In a universe where every person has a god with them, Ennay is a rare person with no god. But he has the gift to shape and mold gods, making him a godshaper. Paired with Bud, a god with no human, the two are social pariahs who are just looking for a warm meal and a place to be. Although rooted more in fantasy, this story is beautiful and fascinating to read. It’s sure to grab any comic fans attention, let alone a BLACK fan!


If you are like me, you have friends who love nature, feminist puns, mixtapes, and comics. These friends may strongly identify with BOOM! Studios’ LUMBERJANES characters, Molly, Mal, Ripley, Jo, April, and camp counselor Jen. But now you have a conundrum. What do you get for these friends with whom you’ve adventured through thick and thin? How do you show them that you live by the time-honored adage “Friendship to the Max”? Well, here are a few thoughts on what to get your friends who love LUMBERJANES!

Image courtesy of Disorderly Goods.

The Gift: Merit Badges 
Every good lumberjane deserves a merit badge or two! Luckily, hipsters seem to love merit badges, and they are everywhere. For example: I have a University of Wisconsin Madison Vet School merit badge. My partner and I collect badges from National Parks. I even was given a Women’s March badge. There are so many great badges to choose from! Start on Etsy for LUMBERJANES themed badges, or design your own! Great for all the Lumberjanes in your friend group!

Image courtesy of Penguin Random House.

The Gift: Maps & Field Guides
The Jen of your friend group will ask you to please stay out of trouble on your next adventure. The best way to do that is to be prepared. The Delorme Atlas & Gazetteer includes the back roads on wonderful topographic maps. For those more oriented to the local fauna, try the Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior (my absolute favorite). Perfect for the Jens, Aprils, and Jos of your friend group!

Image courtesy of Boom! Studios.

The Gift: Mixtapes 
For a more romantic gift, take a hint right out of Boom! Studios and make a mixtape of your favorite songs! Of course, nowadays, you want to stick to CDs, or you’ll have to get them a cassette player too.

Image courtesy of Boom! Studios.

The Gift: That Sweet LUMBERJANES Merch
Finally, if these presents just aren’t LUMBERJANES enough, you can stick to the fan favorites. Personally, the Holy Kitten Talking Plush feels like a great addition to the life of any hardcore lady type.


It’s been a while since the final volume of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s SCOTT PILGRIM was released, and the movie came out. However, there are still plenty of dedicated Ramona Flowers cosplayers out there every year. And of course, with the in-color paperback box set scheduled for release in May 2019, it’s a good time to reflect on this hilarious Oni Press classic. So what are some good presents for any poor soul still in lesbians with SCOTT PILGRIM?

Image courtesy of Renegade Game Studios.


Yes, there is an official SCOTT PILGRIM card game. With this gift, you and your friends can star in your very own adventure in the SCOTT PILGRIM universe, with jetpacks and stuff. Choose your favorite character, beat up an evil ex, and bicker with the other players. Sounds like a great time.

Image courtesy of Chris Cooney and Jon Tedd.

The Gift: Vegan Cookbook

Honor your psychic vegan friends by getting them a brand new cookbook. There are lots of great ones out there, but probably the most SCOTT PILGRIM-y is the VEGANOMICON. This sounds just like a lofty text they would have read at Vegan Academy while honing their powers. There’s also THE VEGAN ZOMBIE: COOK & SURVIVE. This illustrated cookbook is sure to help any vegan during the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Image courtesy of Nintendo.


Considering the constant video game references in SCOTT PILGRIM, it’s likely that a fan of the series is also a gamer. This season, everyone has been raving about the new Smash Bros game. This one features every previous playable character and also adds some great new characters, such as Isabelle from ANIMAL CROSSING and Joker from PERSONA 5. It’s a big part of any gamer’s wishlist.


Fans of STEVEN UNIVERSE can be surprisingly easy to shop for. Online stores like those on Etsy and ForFansByFans have tons of sweet SU merch for your favorite Crystal Gem. But what do you do when the STEVEN UNIVERSE fan in your life already has 15 shirts and every Lion enamel pin ever made? Well, we may have some suggestions you may not have thought of.
For starters, I have two words for you: Cheeseburger. Backpack.
Image courtesy of Cartoon Network.
However, we do have some suggestions that are a bit more subtle as well. 
Image courtesy of Cartoon Network.
The Gift: A Ukulele
Steven’s well-known for his wonderful songs throughout the show. Your giftee could take this new musical instrument and learn to belt out all of his sweet, sweet tunes. Or, if the fan in your life is less musically inclined… 
Image courtesy of Cartoon Network.
The Gift: Fashionable Sunglasses 
It seems to be a running theme throughout STEVEN UNIVERSE, with the most prominent sunglass-wearer being Garnet. And, if we’re being honest, everyone loves Garnet, right? Of course I’m right.
Image courtesy of 4M.
The Gift: All Things Gemstones
If you’d like to go for something a little less flashy, you could stick with the gem theme with a crystal-making kit, or even crystal-shaped soaps. Gemstone pendants and pendulums also make for cool gifts. You can even learn fortune telling tricks with pendulums, so they are great for parties. 
Whatever you pick, though, remember this fine piece of wisdom from Greg Universe during this gift-giving season: “If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hot dogs!”


We wish you well in your quest for gifts. Hopefully, this list gave you some ideas or at least got those creative juices flowing. Heck, maybe you have a few things to add to your own wishlist as well.

Regardless, we at ComicsVerse wish you and all your nerdy friends a happy holidays!

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