The tables are turning on Josie – or so it seems in the penultimate issue of Lady Killer. Unable to complete her latest assignment, Peck tracks her down and tries to convince her to finish the job. But his methods fail and the Lady Killer is able to make her getaway.

Josie’s next goal is to turn the tides on Peck and her agency, so she follows him. Peck stops at a Chinese restaurant and confronts a waitress named Ruby who, from the sounds of it, is a former agent and is trying to get out. Josie arranges a meeting with Ruby and after a short scuffle, she’s able to convince Ruby to join her team.

Issue #4 does a great job at turning the story around and putting the power back in Josie’s hands, and with that we see her revert back to her killer instincts. There is no pausing to think about her safety (or even her family’s safety), but to plan the next step in fighting back. Additionally, any doubts or emotions Josie showcased in the last issue are missing: it’s all about the mission.

Lady Killer does a great job of creating a female assassin with character, skills and charisma. For the most part, readers get a sense of who Josie is without having to dig deep into a tragic backstory. However, it seems that Josie’s past is a crucial part of why Stenholm wants to take her out. With only one issue left, it seems like it would be overwhelming and potential sloppy to drop all that information in the last issue. Hopefully, Lady Killer’s team can give us some insight without sacrificing the integrity of a complex character.


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