Lady Killer #1 Review: Spoilers Ahead…

Josie Schuller is your average housewife, selling Avon products by day and taking care of dinner by night. Except she’s not an Avon representative, but rather a hired assassin with clever disguises allowing her to get close to her mark.

Remind me to cancel my membership.

So starts the first few pages of Lady Killer, a new 5-part series from Joelle Jones & Jamie S. Rich, the dream team behind 12 Reasons Why I Love Her. Billed as a comedy and published by Dark Horse Comics, Lady Killer offers a delightful twist on the female-assassin-murderer genre. Even on the cover, with the protagonist mopping up blood and the catchphrase ‘The perfect solution to those problem stains!’, one can tell the comic will be a cheeky, dark read.

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Lady Killer #1 is fresh and does a great job with pacing and setting the story. There’s an air of mystery and deceit throughout; unlike the reader, the family is unaware of Josie’s extracurricular activities. The familiar, comforting scene of a mother cooking dinner for her family is now slightly disturbing, and there’s also a set-up of (possible) romantic tension between Josie and her boss, Peck. All of these elements work well together to present an outrageous story and commentary about a housewife.

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The art design for Lady Killer is retro—apparent in the fashion, housing, and even art style—and it’s well-complemented by the bright characters and muted pastel-and-neutral backgrounds. There’s also subtle ink splatters on every page, that, intentional or not are reminiscent of blood, and help lend to the gritty feel of the story as well.

It’ll be exciting to see what direction the story goes for: the issue ends with Josie working as a cocktail waitress at a seedy nightclub, ready for her next target.

I have a sense it’s going to be killer.

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