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ComicsVerse talks to voice actor Kyle McCarley and producer Masakazu Ogawa about the vast GUNDAM Series at Anime NYC 2017.

ComicsVerse: Hi, I’m Schane at Anime NYC with Ogawa-san and Kyle McCarley and you’re watching Comicsverse. So, Ogawa-san, what I want to ask you is what got you into the animation industry?

Masakazu Ogawa: (Speaks Japanese)

ComicsVerse: And Kyle, what got you into the animation industry?

Kyle McCarley: I grew up, all I ever wanted to do was to be an actor, and I went to school and studied theater and somewhere along the line kind of fell out of love with all of the being on camera and being on stage. While I was going to school, I dabbled in an online radio play as a fan of WORLD OF WARCRAFT and so after all of that acting stuff, the on-camera stuff, the face acting stuff, I went, “You know that radio play was a lot of fun, “maybe I should look into voiceover.” And so that’s how I became a voice actor and got my way, worked my way up and got into GUNDAM, which was a dream come true.

ComicsVerse: Now I want to ask for the not-too-anime savvy fans, can you, Mr. Ogawa-san, go more into detail about your role in the production of the GUNDAM series?

Masakazu Ogawa: (Speaks Japanese)

ComicsVerse: Thank you, thank you so much, arigatou. Now, Kyle, can you go into more detail about your average day as a voice actor?

Kyle McCarley: My average day as a voice actor, gosh, there’s anything but an average day as a voice actor. Every day’s a little bit different. To give an example, the other day I woke up to a phone call from my agent and they said, “Hey you got hired for this gig. “We need you to record it right now from home.” So I went into my home studio and I spent maybe half an hour to an hour recording that project. Then I knocked out a couple of auditions. Then I got in the car and drove an hour and a half south of my home to go to a recording session for three hours for another, for an anime and went home and got up the next morning and did more. So that’s an example.

ComicsVerse: Nice. Okay, that sounds like a lot of work. Alright, so you are both big fans of the GUNDAM series and I just want to ask, first, Mr. Ogawa-san, what is your favorite part of the GUNDAM series, or your favorite moment, or your favorite character?

Masakazu Ogawa: (Speaks Japanese)

ComicsVerse: And Kyle, you said that it was a dream come true to get a job working with GUNDAM. What’s your favorite part, or favorite moment, or favorite character?

Kyle McCarley: Sure. Obviously now I would probably say Mikazuki Augus and Iron Blooded Orphans, but when I was younger, when I was in middle school I grew up and I was a fan of GUNDAM WING cause it was airing on Toonami and I was watching that every day after school and my friends and I all picked characters from the show. Mine was Quatre. And I even went as far as to go to school in costume. I cosplayed as Quatre just to school one day before cosplay was a term. Yeah yeah, before that was a thing. So that’s why I say that being able, now I’m a GUNDAM pilot. I get to say I’m actually a part of the universe instead of just playing pretend

Masakazu Ogawa: (Speaks Japanese)

ComicsVerse: Well thank you both so much for your time today. For more interviews like this, check us out at I’m Schane and you’re watching us from Anime NYC.

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