While walking down the artist alley at Wizard World Philadelphia 2016, one particular piece of art caught our eye. It was a print of Goliath from Disney’s GARGOYLES TV series, which gave us fond memories. The show was one of the many animated TV shows that several of us at ComicsVerse grew up watching and loving. We just had to walk up to the character designer and ask for an interview with the artist known as Kurt Lehner.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Kurt Lehner grew up with a love for comic books and fantasy art. After he graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design, Mr. Lehner began a career and applied his artistic talents in the field of advertising. Mr. Lehner then made his way into the animation industry, working for such companies as Walt Disney, Marvel, Dreamworks, and Warner Bros. He had a hand in movies and TV shows such as GARGOYLES, SPACE JAM, ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN, and FRANKLIN THE TURTLE.

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Kurt Lehner spoke to ComicsVerse’s Kay Honda about the beginnings of his illustration career. Mr. Lehner described his transition from starting out in the advertising field and then turning to animation and comic book illustration. He goes on to share his thoughts on the relationship of comic books and comic book movies/TV shows, which have become an increasingly popular part of today’s media.

We were also able to talk to Kurt Lehner’s son Kristian Lehner, who is an aspiring artist like this father once was. He showed us some of his impressive work and spoke about his process of hand drawing illustrations and using digital means, such as Photoshop. If Kristian is anything like his father, he should have a solid career in the comic book industry.

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