Do you feel like there’s a lack of mysticism in your life? Is there no more magic in your relationship, at your job, or anything you do? Do you fight like a wimp? Interested in silent, bald monks judging your every action? Well if you want to learn how to fight AND spice up your life with the mystic arts, hike on up K’un-Lun, one of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven!

So now you might be thinking — isn’t K’un-Lun home to the Immortal Iron Fist, Destroyer of the Hand? Incidentally, you’re totally right! K’un-Lun’s extradimensional gates are in fact guarded by the Iron Fist; a role passed down for generations to protect the city from its greatest threats. When you come to K’un-Lun you can learn the ways of the Iron Fist, training in the very same dojos he trained in, and with the same mentors. If you’re decent enough, you might just make the cut and become the city’s next champion!

Get in tune with your spirit, and meditate amongst the mountains! Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix.

Besides fighting, get in tune with your spiritual side. K’un-Lun is overflowing with tons of mystical entities. You’ll be sure to find your inner peace here! Find the perfect spot among the mountains for a private meditation session and lesson with Danny Rand himself. He’ll be sure to help you find your chi.

K’un-Lun’s Iron Tour-Fist Attractions

K’un-Lun isn’t all about fighting and magic. Additionally, there are plenty of family-friendly places to visit as well. If you’re a fan of botanical gardens, look no further than the Garden of the P’an-T’ao! This garden is regarded as the heart and soul of the city. In fact, it’s fun for the whole family! As the garden protected by an unsolvable, inescapable maze, your kids will have fun for hours on end! Although, no promises they’ll make it back in time for dinner.

The locals of K’un-Lun enjoying a bright and sunny day.

While you might not be deemed worthy of it, you can still check out the cavern where Shou-Lao the Immortal Dragon, the source of the Iron Fist’s power, resides. Then, located just past the Dwellings of the Commoners and the Central Hall of Ancestors is a sight to behold. Atop a newly-built, secluded perch you’re just a stone’s throw from the cavern. With comfortable benches and telescopes, tourists and citizens are able to gaze in wonder at the mystic powers illuminating from its depths!

Now, How Do You Get to K’un-Lun?

The beautiful sight of K’un-Lun as well as directions and a guide for the Bridge of Destiny and the dimensional gate!

Keep in mind, as K’un Lun is one of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, it’s located on a whole other dimensional plane. “But didn’t you just say it was in Tibet?” Well, yes I did, and technically it is! In the midst of the Tibet, China is the K’un-Lun mountain range. These mountains are a beautiful, snow-peaked geographical marvel of nature. It takes a bit of power, man, and you have to be quite the daredevil to even try! Yet, just a few days hike from the nearest settlement on the top of one of the highest peaks in the mountain range is the Bridge of Destiny. Once you cross it, you’ll reach… well, nothing. That is unless you’re lucky enough to catch the gate, which only appears on Earth every ten years.

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Finally, at K’un-Lun, don’t worry about the lines from the TSA or bag-check — we have the Immortal Iron Fist! Just have two forms of ID or your Heroes for Hire Fan Club Card and you’re good to go. Additionally, you can use the promo code “DestroyerOfTheHand” to get a free meet-and-greet and autograph session right outside the gate with the famous Danny Rand!

The Iron Fist standing among the beautiful snowy rocks of K’un-Lun! Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix.

Book Now, Now, NOW!

Act quickly; this is an extremely limited time offer! As K’un-Lun is located on another dimensional plane and the gate only opens every ten years, now’s your chance! With only two weeks left until the gate closes, you have limited time to get there!

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Our most popular travel package is the weekender! For the weekender, enjoy a nice two day stay with pre-paid meals, planned activities, and an exclusive room at the peak of the Central Hall of Ancestors, overlooking the entire city and the mountains which surround it! Just don’t forget to check out early, because you surely don’t want that pesky extra-dimensional gate closing on you.

P.S. Don’t have the finances or time to go off to K’un-Lun? Try staying close to home and train with Colleen Wing at the Chikara Dojo in Chinatown!


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