Have you ever read an African comic? Did you know the continent still too often spoken of as a single, monolithic state even made comics? If you answered “no” to either of those questions, then, fortunately, the KUGALI ANTHOLOGY will fix that. Organized by Ziki Nelson, this anthology boasts comic stories created by over a dozen creators from 10 different African nations. Furthermore, the series will be divided into the regular and Raki editions. The regular edition aims to appeal to readers of all ages. For more mature readers, the Raki edition is a perfect choice.

Wondrous Tales Await Readers in the KUGALI ANTHOLOGY

Want a fun fantasy adventure? Look no further than MUMU JUJU by Etubi Onucheyo. This series follows the wayward adventures of friends Mortar and Pedestal as they repay their debt to a god. Maybe a science fiction series set in Morrocco suits you more? Then witness UNDER A JOVIAN SUN by Shofela Coker. Or, perhaps a contemporary political superhero thriller is more up your alley, like GARANAZHA by Mohammad Obmug. These stories, as well as others like KAYIN AND ABENI by Juni Ba, IKU by Ziki Nelson, and ORO by Gbenle Maverick.

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Yet the anthology isn’t the only project to get excited about! On top of that, be sure to tune into the Kugali podcast. This podcast centers on fantasy and science fiction media by Africans from the continent and the diaspora. So far, the podcast has had guests like the founder of Lockett Down Productions and Women in Comic’s Collective Regine Sawyer, creator of media company Midas Monkee Paul Louise-Julie, and game developer Jeffery Sheen, to name a few. The team is also developing a website! The Kugali website is currently in beta, but users can gain early access and find updates on the Kugali blog.

How African Comics and Kugali Magazine Are Changing the World


Everyone deserves to see their culture in the media they consume. That’s why this project by such esteemed individuals is so vital. Not only is Kugali gathering talented artists from multiple African nations, they’re bringing storytelling into the digital era.

The Kickstarter is NOW LIVE! Show these talented people how much their work matters to you and to the global comics community. Be sure to kickstart the KUGALI ANTHOLOGY before March 27th. Here is the Kickstarter page!

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