Syfy’s Super Leak Builds Immense Hype

Leak or not, the trailer for KRYPTON was epic. It offered plenty of Easter eggs and enough info on the project to get DC fans drooling. One of the biggest reveals is that it is clearly a direct prequel to the DCEU films. While CW’s “Arrowverse” has its moments, it is disconnected from the DCEU. Tonally, the Arrowverse wouldn’t always fit into the brooding universe of demigods we’ve seen in MAN OF STEEL and DAWN OF JUSTICE. But KRYPTON, real or not, represents a move in the right direction for a cinematic universe that sorely needs it.

Set before our DCEU begins, KRYPTON looks to follow Superman’s grandfather Seg-El during Krypton’s hey-day. The trailer clearly depicts Krypton with technology similar to what we saw in MAN OF STEEL. The flashbacks to Krypton were some of the best aspects of MAN OF STEEL, so it’s exciting to see the style return. We even get a glimpse of Seg-El’s romance with Lyta Zod.

Brainiac shrinking Kandor

What KRYPTON Has Going For It

But the Easter eggs don’t stop there. We get glimpses of a much larger universe, and it is evident that showrunner Damian Kindler (SLEEPY HOLLOW) knows his Kryptonian history. The shot that has everybody excited is Seg-El looking at a miniature domed city. In the comics, shrinking cities is usually the work of famous Superman antagonist Brainiac. Introducing such a major villain in a prequel television series is a fascinating idea–especially if the show can successfully flesh out the villain before he makes his big screen debut. I don’t believe this has ever been done and might fix the standard issue most comic villains have in films, wherein a lack of screen-time results in them being one-note.

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So the depth and world-building seem to be present, but perhaps the most interesting aspect of this show is that it is debuting on Syfy. Primarily known for B-movie sci-fi films and low-budget original programming, Syfy has had a resurgence of sorts in recent years. Series like THE EXPANSE and THE MAGICIANS are huge steps up from the old programming slate. They even have high production values: THE EXPANSE is a beautiful show with some serious acting talent. It appears Syfy is still continuing to deliver in KRYPTON, from the looks of the leaked trailer. The effects look great, and the show seems to be trying to balance between court drama and high sci-fi action, a la GAME OF THRONES with high fantasy.

Leaked promo image

Some Familiar Names, but a Lot of Ground to Cover

David S. Goyer is behind the writing, which is good or bad news depending on how you look at it. Compared to his writing in the DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY, his DCEU stuff has been pretty weak. That being said, he does have a clear love for the universe. Plus, Krypton’s dense comic history of wars and factions can make for endless plot arcs. Seg-El and Lyta Zod’s forbidden romance is indicative that the military and science factions will play a significant role in KRYPTON.

Leaked or not, the KRYPTON trailer has me the most excited I’ve been for a DC property in some time. The science-fiction backdrop works perfectly for some epic drama, and the possibilities of tying into the films are endless. Syfy’s production even seems to be up to snuff with their recent original programming. The comparisons with GAME OF THRONES will be rampant, but this isn’t a bad thing. If the writing and acting hold up, KRYPTON could be the show to look for in the coming television season. There’s no release date yet, but what was leaked indicates that KRYPTON could be exactly what DC fans want.

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