Kris Anka is a new yet already well-known name in the comics industry. He first impressed readers in 2014, with his slick re-design of Spider-Woman’s trademark suit. He then went on to successfully illustrate series such as CAPTAIN MARVEL, STAR LORD, and UNCANNY X-MEN. Currently, he’s working on Rainbow Rowell’s well-received RUNAWAYS series. The series is an extension of the 2001 and 2003 runs of the series.

Anka breaks the mold of stereotypical “comic book art” with a crisp, clean style that’s easily identifiable. His characters are extremely expressive and intensely stylized, which is a balance a lot of artists struggle to achieve, particularly in interior comic book art.

Kris Anka at NYCC 2018

While there are a lot of elements in Anka’s work that deserve commendation, the most successful part of every one of his series is, undoubtedly, the fashion. At NYCC, I was able to sit down and talk with Anka about his past and current works.

As a long time fan of Anka’s art, most of my questions centered around his unique fascination with fashion, particularly in his RUNAWAYS series. In comics, artists frequently overlook fashion, since most characters can just wear uniforms all of the time. Many newer artists are trying to put a stronger focus on dressing characters in more realistic (and trendier) looks, but it’s been slow to catch on. Anka is slowly changing that.

I asked him a few questions about why he thinks fashion matters in comics and where he gets his inspiration. Since he’s currently working on RUNAWAYS (and from his social media posts, he seems to really enjoy it) I also asked him a little bit about the characters and why he wanted to work on the series.

Before leaving, I had to pick up one of his gorgeous prints featuring his (and my) favorite Runaways character, Karolina. As expected, her outfit was utter perfection.

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