Kris Anka interview at Flame Con 2017 by ComicsVerse

Kris Anka Biography

Kris Anka illustrates highly anticipated RUNAWAYS, the sequel to the acclaimed Marvel comic that ended in 2009. He previously worked on titles such as UNCANNY X-MEN, CAPTAIN MARVEL, THUNDERBOLTS, and more recently STAR-LORD with Chip Zdarsky. Known for his redesigns of classic characters, Kris Anka developed Spider-Woman’s now iconic new costume. When not working on major titles, the California native constantly creates more art. He works on portraits and designs for various social networks. Interactions with his social media audience have turned Kris into a fan favorite! This allows the world to see his creations as he rises in the world of comics!

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Flame Con 2017 Interview

During this past weekend’s Flame Con, we at ComicsVerse interviewed Mr. Anka. We took the time to talk about his work on the upcoming RUNAWAYS. With the highly anticipated comic out soon, we took the time to ask about his creative direction and input on the title. We also talked about the method he uses for his art style, and how the change from portraits to comic pages transitions as an artist. Additionally, we also discussed his view on the current state of LGBTQIA+ representation in comics, and where he thinks it’s headed in the future. While he wasn’t able to tell us about his future projects, we learned that it’s nowhere near the last we’ll have his incredible work. We thank Mr. Anka for his time, and we look forward to the amazing work and insight he’ll provide us with his art!

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For more on Kris Anka, you can check out his work on Tumblr, and also Twitter!


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  1. akane

    September 9, 2017 at 10:58 am

    I can’t stand this guys redesigns they are all terrible. As soon as I see his name on a book I know the story has to work 4 times as hard to get me interested.


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