Calling all fans of KONOSUBA -GOD’S BLESSING UPON THIS WONDERFUL WORLD! One of the funniest anime to ever grace our eyes is finally getting a dub! And while I personally tend to prefer the original to the dub for almost any anime, this is still good news. The announcement came earlier in the evening straight from Crunchyroll. The streaming service posted an image detailing some members of the new English voice cast as well as some details about the release.

KONOSUBA originally aired on Crunchyroll in 2016. Later, it got a fantastic second season. The series is one of the most popular isekai anime out there. What makes it particularly enjoyable to watch is the effortless way it blends comedy into its fantasy. Isekai describes anime where the main character is magically transported to another world. More often than not, that world involves magical, science fiction, or fantasy themes. The main character usually has the task of defeating some looming threat using some unique power conferred onto them. Perhaps in a self-aware twist, KONOSUBA flipped that trope onto its head, turning the classic isekai template into something unique.

KONOSUBA follows Kazuma Sata after his hilariously abrupt death in the real world. Upon being given the chance from a goddess to resurrect in a parallel universe with anything he wanted, he chooses the goddess herself. So, Kazuma and the goddess, Aqua, find themselves suddenly broke and weak in this fantasy world. Between the two roasting each other and stumbling into endless trouble, the series packs more comedy into single episodes than some do in whole seasons.

The New Voice Cast

The voice actors for the main characters of KONOSUBA include some interesting choices. It’s not uncommon for dub voice actors to voice across many shows, but KONOSUBA’s line looks a bit different. Most of the new voice actors have little work as main characters on other anime. This seems to suggest that Crunchyroll is making an effort to diversify the voice acting on their anime lineup. For a series as eminently popular as KONOSUBA, this could work well. For one, these anime could build careers for new artists. Plus, it means characters across multiple series won’t sound the same. But it also has the risk of producing some less than optimal voice acting. So, it’s no surprise this is the main concern fans in the comment section of the Instagram post seemed to share. Check out the cast below!

The English cast for the main characters in KONOSUBA
The English cast for the main characters in KONOSUBA | Image: Instagram

Arnie Pantoja has mostly played side characters in dubbed anime. The most notable is Pegasus Tenma in SAINT SEIYA: THE LOST CANVAS. Faye Mata (the image contains a typo!) is most likely recognizable as the English voice of Neon Nostrade in HUNTER X HUNTER. Erica Mendez is by far the most recognizable, having voiced popular characters like Gon from HUNTER X HUNTER, Retsuko in AGGRETSUKO, and Aladdin in MAGI. Finally, Christina Vee, voice of Killua in HUNTER X HUNTER (guess there’s always gonna be at least one anime in common!) joins as the fourth announced actor.

All of these actors are solid and should deliver a fine dub. The real concern is, independent of the quality of acting, whether KONOSUBA’s unique brand of comedy will transfer through properly in English.

Get Excited for the KONOSUBA Dub!

According to Crunchyroll, you can start watching the series in English as early as next week. Even for the most die-hard subtitle purists, this may be one worth checking out. Crunchyroll has been expanding its influence in dubbing and animating shows lately. This is a solid move into the territory Funimation currently dominates. Even more, it comes after Crunchyroll and Funimation have ended some key partnerships. It should be interesting to see if its a move that’ll really make waves.

What do you think of the dub and its cast? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image from Twitter.

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