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Since the start of comics, there has always been a market for independent artists to get there work out there, but it wasn’t cheap. Being independent still costs a lot of money, but comic creators have found ways of making a go of it, if not necessarily a profit. Now we have Pateron, webcomics, Indie Gogo and the biggest of them all, Kickstarter. With so many options to dive into, some comics get lost in the sea of content. Well, that’s why I am here. Here are some comics that we have found that caught our eye and may be worth every cent paid.

Some of these projects are already funded, with some not at there goal. I always say exercise caution when backing a project, but these seem to be reliable.

Help Wanted Kickstarter Campaign
Help Wanted, Image Courtesy of Catuallie

Kickstarter 1 – HELP WANTED Volume One

The Kickstarter campaign’s image in the front drew me in as I am a sucker for a good romance, slice of life story. I assumed to be a simple summer romance story, but it turns out I was wrong, and I couldn’t be happier. The story follows  Anne Black, a graduate who takes a job as a live-in caretaker in a historic apartment building. The description promises supernatural events like werewolves, a witch coven, a mysterious old cat, and a budding relationship with her new boss.

The art is unique and captures a cartoon feel with expressive faces, colors that blend nicely on the page, and the beat-up, patchy cat keeps drawing my attention

If you’re into romance, supernatural stories, check this out by clicking here! From the time of writing, it has 17 days left and is just $200 short of reaching its goal. So expect this to be funded and enjoy.

Kickstarter Ned, Lord of the Pit
Ned, Lord of the Pit Image Courtesy of Jim Calafiore


I am a sucker for monsters in comics. The art for this Kickstarter campaign instantly hooked me. The story follows Ned Hume, a struggling actor who is going through a rough patch in his life. One day he starts to see demons in his daily life. No one else sees them, but to Ned, they are all too real. 

The main attraction for me is the art and designs of the demons. Jim Calafiore is a veteran in the comic industry, having worked on XILES, DEADPOOL, and SECRET SIX. Knowing that this isn’t his first go at comics should give backers a sense of relief where sometimes it is a gamble when backing new projects.

The detail in his art is painstakingly crafted, and it goes from unique to gruesome real quick. If you grew up on old school monster comics, or have been craving some horror in your graphic novels, this could be the one for you. 

I should point out the only drawback is that it only runs 144 pages, but this is one of many more volumes to come in the future, according to Jim. 

As of writing, the project still needs $16,000 to go with only 9 days left. If this interests you hop on this quick by clicking here.

American Cult
American Cult Image Courtesy of Robyn Chapman

Kickstarter 3 – AMERICAN CULT: A Comics Anthology

Robyn Chapman leads the Kickstarter campaign of AMERICAN CULT. It covers the history of American religious cults throughout history. This comic is different from the last two in three significant ways. The first is that it is an anthology series. The stories cover a different religious cult. Secondly, there is no one author. A different notable cartoonist creates a story, cartoonists like Box Brown, Emi Gennis, J.T. Yost, and much more.  Lastly, all the crazy stories you read are true.  This detail adds a depressing horror feel knowing that all these dark events did happen. 

Subsequently, it is these differences and the ambitious goal this book takes that makes this book worth backing. Anthology series always hold a special place in my heart as they can tell very different stories, not restricted by any sense of continuity of the last one. Done right, the overarching theme and message of what the book wants to say will weave into the words and drawing of every story. Certainly, I think AMERICAN CULT can pull this off.

The campaign has 7 days left of writing. Jump on it quick before its too late by clicking here.

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There are more amazing projects on Kickstarter, from individual issues, prints of webcomics, and more. These are just the three Graphic Novels that have a campaign going on that caught my eye and could use a spotlight on. Do not overlook great comics. 

What do you think of my choices? Did I miss one the world needs to know about? Let us know and comment below or tweet at us @Comicsverse and lets us know!

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