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Crowd-sourcing is an important tool for creators, especially those who don’t have the power of a big company to back them up. Kickstarter has become one of the most popular ways to fund independent projects, especially comics. Backers can choose any amount they wish, but certain prices come with more rewards. Here are a few comics that are currently looking for readers and patrons!


BUILT ON STRANGE GROUND is a Kickstarter comic anthology dedicated to the paranormal and other oddities. The book covers local lore, strange locations and unexplained phenomena. The coolest part is that all stories come from actual people and their experiences.

With a huge team of talented artists, each tale has a different spooky style. However, Peppermint Monster Press needs the funds to pay these artists a fair rate and produce the book. BUILT ON STRANGE GROUND is “all or nothing,” meaning that the project will only move forward if they meet their $20,000 goal.

A $10 pledge gets you a PDF version of the anthology on release day. Pledge $25 or more and get a softcover physical copy. And if you want to go all out, the $1,000 tier includes a personalized “Passport to the Weird,” a “Weird World Traveler” box full of goodies like sketches and photos from real haunted locations and a completely original comic of your own creepy encounter.

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The project has over 20 days to go but less than $6,000 in funds. If you’re a fan of the uncanny and excellent art, BUILT ON STRANGE GROUND is an ideal project to back.

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Excerpt from Peppermint Monster Press’ previous anthology THEN IT WAS DARK


Creation mythology has been a popular subject since humans could communicate. ESPERS tells the story of the very beginning of times, when only powerful beings existed. The three main characters are gods and represent the elements of earth, air and water. The comic’s Kickstarter page doesn’t give away the plot too much, but you can expect interesting creatures and worldbuilding.

Writer Miles Greb and lead artist Chris Lewis Lee create a stunning world through amazing color use and lovely illustrations. Greb is no stranger to the fantasy genre. His other works CLOVIS and AFTER THE GOLD RUSH #1 and #2 showcase the quality of his collaborations.

ESPERS has over half of its $4,200 goal with 27 days to go, so the project will most likely meet its goals. Backers only need to spend $6 for a PDF and $15 for a physical copy. Other tiers include commissions from Lee himself, t-shirts, posters, and copies of Greb’s other work.


ESPERS page preview


In this cyberpunk thriller, citizens in the Japanese capital of Neon City have only one food source, but that very source is what keeps them in line. Our main character Hiro Watanabe questions the pills and their brainwashing properties, but taking down the creators of the capsule won’t be a walk in the park.

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CAPSULE #1 entrances readers with energy, explosions, and crisp linework. Artist Bong Dazo illustrated for DEADPOOL, so the non-stop action shouldn’t surprise anyone. Judging by the page previews and the vivid colors, CAPSULE has the neon, futuristic vibe straight from the ’80s. It’s a perfect fit for any AKIRA fan.

You only have to pay $6 of your moolah to get a physical copy of CAPSULE #1. Higher tiers include posters, t-shirts, and some sick looking beanies and snapbacks. Pledgers can even go all in and get a custom mini-comic for $1,000. The team is asking for $2,950 for the project, and they’re close to the halfway point, but they still have 30 days to go. So if you’re into futuristic settings and anarchy, you should definitely check this one out.


CAPSULE #1 page preview

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