Comics constantly consider the fate of humanity. Apocalypse themes are all the rage, and rightly so. With THE WALKING DEAD and OLD MAN LOGAN, comics are riding the success wave. Testing humans in the most dangerous ways possible makes for an awesome story, and when you mix in sci-fi elements like robots, there’s a lot of content to play with. In THE BLACK WINTER #1, creator Dominic Levert explores a plague/zombie-like apocalypse.

To make his dream of writing and illustrating a comic series a reality, Levert hopes to raise CA$13,000 (about $9,580 in USD) on Kickstarter. And all he needs now are some awesome backers!

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Apocalyptic Mayhem in THE BLACK WINTER #1

BLACK WINTER #1 introduces a world set twenty years in the future. In this setting, humans have been infected by a host creature that takes over their bodies. As the infestation grows, humanity loses more resources. And to make things more difficult, these creatures are hard to stop. Even with robot help and weapons, they’re nearly impossible to kill.

the black winter #1
THE BLACK WINTER #1, pg. 15 (Image courtesy of Dominic Levert)

With the help of robots, a team of survivors travels through the Canadian wilderness. To replenish their supplies and power, they must reach a robot factory on the border. The robot element is intriguing because the apocalypse genre usually views artificial intelligence as a threat. In THE BLACK WINTER #1, the robots seem more like helpful droids from STAR WARS. Seeing how the team’s robot partners help them will be an exciting ride. Also, the robots just look badass.

the black winter #1
THE BLACK WINTER #1, pg. 17 (Image courtesy of Dominic Levert)

Backer Rewards

THE BLACK WINTER #1 is completely finished and ready to go. Kickstarter funds will go directly to printing and shipping the comic. Anything left over will go towards producing later issues.

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To thank his lovely patrons, Levert is offering some awesome reward tiers, and for just $10, you’ll get a printed copy of the finished comic with the original or variant cover. In addition, you can spend $8 more for both covers. Other incentives include posters, art prints, and commissions by Levert. Pledge up to $1,000, and you’ll literally be in the comic as a character. So, if your life-long dream is to be in a comic book, THE BLACK WINTER #1 is a good place to start.

Moving Forward

With backer help, Levert plans to flesh out his world even further. The characters will test their survival skills in the harsh Canadian winter. But, the humanoid creatures will also evolve and adapt to the changing environment. The comic will be filled with obstacles around every turn.

However, if the series goes forward, Levert would also like to release a prequel issue explaining the origins of this strange apocalypse. And with inspirations like Robert Kirkman and H.P. Lovecraft, subsequent issues are bound to be just as chilling!

THE BLACK WINTER #1 Kickstarter is now live! Pledge if you can, or spread the word on social media.

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