AS THE CROW FLIES is an Eisner-nominated webcomic written, illustrated, and colored by Melanie Gillman. With the help of Iron Circus Comics, Gillman hopes to print a trade paperback of the first 270 pages of their comic. And, thanks to Kickstarter, you can help too.

Images Courtesy of Melanie Gillman

Melanie Gillman began AS THE CROW FLIES in 2012, and has updated the comic periodically since. As of May 2017, the comic is 288 pages long, with plenty of more pages on the way. You might wonder why someone would willingly pay for a paperback version of a comic that’s available for free online. Take one look at AS THE CROW FLIES and I’m confident you’ll understand why.

AS THE CROW FLIES Offers a Gorgeous Art & Narrative

The art of AS THE CROW FLIES is particularly notable. Gillman creates each page using traditional media: specifically, they expend 1.3 colored pencils per page. The result is beautifully soft and textured illustrations (Gillman’s landscapes are especially gorgeous).

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Gillman’s choice of media isn’t the only thing that makes AS THE CROW FLIES so special. The comic follows a teenage girl named Charlie as she spends a week at a Christian summer camp. Charlie happens to be the only black girl in attendance — and she’s queer. As she and her fellow campers embark on their spiritual journey up the Three Peaks, she can’t help but question everything. Above all else, she questions how the 19th century religion of a group of modern, straight white women is relevant to her.

Images Courtesy of Melanie Gillman

Queer Kids Need to Read AS THE CROW FLIES!

AS THE CROW FLIES is a beautifully created and emotionally potent intersectional comic that is so worthy of funds. Funding this project is a great way to get your own copy. But more importantly, as the Kickstarter emphasizes, it will ensure that this comic makes it to the shelves of libraries and bookstores. Inclusive media can be a lifeline for queer kids — this is a story that they need to get their hands on.

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Reward tiers start at just $13, and offer rewards from digital copies of the comic, to custom commissions, to a visit from Melanie Gillman themself. The Kickstarter campaign ends June 14th, and is currently about halfway to its goal of $25,000.

Need more convincing? You can check out AS THE CROW FLIES here. When you’re finished, make sure to support the Kickstarter campaign!

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