Kevin Wada interview at New York Comic con 2015 by ComicsVerse

My first interaction with the truly captivating work of Kevin Wada came when I was doing a review for A-FORCE this summer. I usually find that just using the original cover for a featured photograph can be boring, so I am always on the hunt for fun and interesting variant covers. That is when I found, on Tumblr much like with Soo Lee, Kevin Wada’s variant for A-FORCE #3, and I was immediately hooked.

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Kevin Wada: The Prolific Artist

From there I sought out more and more work by Wada and found that he had done a lot of covers in this same fashionable and realistic style. He has done work for SHE-HULK, ALL-NEW HAWKEYE, and X-MEN among many others, and they all have a fresh new approach. Much like many other up-and-coming artists in the comic industry today, Wada is bringing not only a new art style to the form but also a new perspective. These are not the body-clinging outfits and crazy and dreamy body types of the past, but instead these are real characters. Real men and women who are going about their own life. In some ways, it even reminds me of when I would see a woman in the best Wonder Woman cosplay I have ever seen in my life ordering a chicken sandwich at NYCC. It is jarring but also so refreshing.

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Wada’s ability to humanize and give depth to characters with small details in his covers makes his art more than worth checking out, and his gummy bear sweatshirt just seals the deal. So, look out for his work because to me his approach is quickly becoming iconic (and no one wants to be behind on a trend).

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