kevin wada interview

Flame Con 2016, already a stand-out among comic book conventions for being the only queer one, finished its second year: housing many talented artists, writers and creators with the same star quality. Kevin Wada, a fan artist turned Big Two heavy hitter, is best known for his very distinct watercolor style coupled with his love for high fashion.

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While Kevin’s work adorns big books like Marvel’s A FORCE and X-MEN, he has a huge following because of his unique interpretations of all kinds of fandoms, including SAILOR MOON, SANDMAN, and much more! Kevin has said on his various social platforms that he calls his artistic vision for notable characters “fashionization.” There’s no better way to describe Kevin’s incredible ability to combine two things that he thoroughly enjoys: fashion and illustration.

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On top of being a heavily sought after artist, he is a warm and fun person that sheds both beauty and lightness in the art that so many people enjoy. His presence and relationship to Flame Con 2016 appears mutually open and gracious, and in his own sentimental words, “like family.” Check out this interview with a lovely artist and person at Flame Con 2016!

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