Kevin Maguire interviewed by ComicsVerse at New York Comic Con 2015

New York City Comic Con 2015 was, as always, an incredible experience.  People from all walks of life gathered to celebrate the visual medium, dressing as their favorite characters, and learning new and exciting things about their favorite comics.  It is an incredible opportunity to meet some of your favorite creators from throughout comics history, to get autographs, or just talk about some of your favorite comic book moments. One of the creators that ComicsVerse was able to speak with was Kevin Maguire, whose career began back in the early 80’s.  He has worked on some iconic titles throughout the last thirty years, including JUSTICE LEAGUE, DEFENDERS, TEAM TITANS, and X-MEN.

Kevin Maguire Both Writes and Illustrates

He is mostly known for penciling but is no stranger to writing as well.  With so much experience on so many different characters, it is clear that Kevin Maguire has a wealth of knowledge.  We were excited to pick his brain.

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Ever the comedian, it’s anyone’s guess where an interview with him will go.  In our interview, we talk about what he looks for in comic book art. In addition, we talked about some of his past experiences at New York Comic Con.  It’s an interesting interview to be sure!

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In conclusion, Kevin Maguire is only one of the many artists and authors we were able to interview at New York City Comic-Con.  We will keep you up to date with more awesome interviews and developments from New York Comic Con 2015.  Make sure you stay tuned and check them out.

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