Kefla is likely the absolute most anticipated DLC character for DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2. The reason Kefla is so demanded in XENOVERSE is in part due to her newness, but also her power.

During the tournament of power arc DRAGON BALL SUPER finally introduced more new Saiyans in battle. On top of that, we got to see the first female Super Saiyans ever in the series. While some people were a bit surprised at the ease with which both Kale and Caulifla reached Super Saiyan, one thing is certain. Both of them are incredible combatants and worthy of their bloodline. Kale was able to unleash a massive beserker form reminiscent of Broly from DRAGON BALL Z. Caulifla was able to unlock Super Saiyan 2 in a matter of days. When fused, the two woman become the incredibly powerful Kefla.

What XENOVERSE struggles with a lot is introducing new characters as part of paid DLC. After all, no one wants to pay for a character that’s essentially an existing character with a different model. If a character lacks unique abilities or cool moments, any excitement is certain to be dull. Kefla had wild energy based attacks that broke past the usual energy wave standard of DRAGON BALL SUPER. Now, we have the potential to use these incredible attacks ourselves and hopefully, our custom characters will be able to learn them too.

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The New Kefla Scans

During the DRAGON BALL SUPER anime, Kefla was fighting on par with Ultra Instinct Goku and nearly held her own too. Granted, this was prior to Goku getting comfortable with the offensive aspects of the technique, but it was still impressive. XENOVERSE 2 has done a great job adapting iconic fights like this into video game form. Luckily for us, Kefla will be no exception. Amazing looking attacks like this might be enough to resuscitate a lot of players’ interest in the game. Check out the scans courtesy of Yonkou Productions:

Scans from Shonen Jump | Image: YonkouProd

From the limited information we have in the scan, her Ultimate Attack is “Gigantic Breaker.” This attack is the extremely powerful double-handed burst of energy that mixes Kale’s green ki and Caulifla’s red ki. Like most fused characters, Ultimate Attacks are usually a mixed form of the two fused fighters’ signature moves. Additionally, it looks like she has a ranged attack similar to the arcing energy blast she used against Ultra Instinct Goku. Hopefully, these are attacks we’ll see for created characters too.

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New Possibilities in DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2!

Kefla is the latest in the announcement for more DLC. Earlier, we saw announcements for Baby Vegeta, an iconic DRAGON BALL GT villain that wielded incredible power using Vegeta’s body. These two both respond to fans requests, which is something XENOVERSE desperately needed to do. The game has considerable problems with online play and multiple glitches. Lately, tons of players have observed a glitch that literally moves a player out of the fighting map and ruins matches. Since launch, there have been constant lag and combo errors. The new DLC is supposedly coming with updates to that as well as new characters.

A lot of people have lost some faith in XENOVERSE, but the game still has plenty of active players. I myself am part of that number. While the game has issues, the ability to create characters is amazing. The more characters that XENOVERSE pulls from the anime, the more exciting gameplay can be. If players can add amazing attacks to their custom characters and recreate iconic matches, they might come back. Hopefully, Kefla will be the kick in the pants XENOVERSE really needs. We’ve yet to receive a release date for this DLC, but it could come as soon as the end of the month.

Featured image from Crunchyroll

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