SILENCER #10 is a fantastic issue. Dan Abnett continues to write well-developed characters in an amazing storyline. And that cliffhanger ending? I'm holding my breath until the next issue!
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Under Lady Wishbone’s magic spell, the Silencer has switched bodies with her robotic nemesis, Quietus. Can two enemies, now allies, work together and stop Talia al Ghul’s resurrection? Read THE SILENCER #10 to find out! Hold on tight though, the ending of this issue is a real bombshell!

Unleash the Beast In THE SILENCER #10

Breaking news! Action Land is under attack by a Godzilla-like monster! Chaos has erupted at the Superman-themed amusement park, which is where Honor’s husband and young son are! While in Quietus’ body, Honor ushers her family to safety, accidentally dropping hints to her true identity. The Silencer and Quietus help each fight against the ginormous beast. With all the laser beams and debris flying everywhere, the visuals in this scene are truly epic.

As the theme park is being destroyed, Lady Wishbone is rendered unconscious after overexerting her powers. Suddenly, a man called Raze appears, waking her up. Then, this mysterious figure tells her to reverse her spell because they’re finally “ready,” which isn’t good news.

SILENCER #10 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

When their bodies are switched back, the Godzilla-like creature takes a big chomp out of Quietus. Leaving the robot as a disembodied head, he informs Silencer they’re running out of time; Talia’s body is getting closer to the Lazarus Pit. With the giant monster transformed into a smaller monster, we learn the beast is actually Lady Wishbone’s student, Michael. The Silencer and Quietus believe that Michael can lead them to Talia’s whereabouts. What an unlikely alliance this is turning out to be!

I won’t spoil the ending of THE SILENCER #10, even though I’m dying to. Let’s just say, we find out what happens to Talia al Ghul at the end of this issue. You’ll have to read THE SILENCER #10 to find out though. Seriously, this issue is a must read!

Friends and Foes

Let’s face it. The Silencer and Quietus have never seen eye to eye.  Now that they’ve switched bodies, they’re forced to work together. Their dynamic is quite interesting. In THE SILENCER #10, we really see them rely on each other. In the middle of a monster battle, they share a brief moment of opening up about their families. First, we learn that Quietus had a son that died. Then, her robotic rival finds out about her family. For a couple of assassins, who keep their personal lives secret, this is pretty sweet and sentimental.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend;” a saying that perfectly describes the Silencer’s and Quietus’ alliance. Both of them share a common enemy, Talia al Ghul. Will they end Talia’s reign once and for all? Both the Silencer and Quietus are incredibly powerful killers, together they make an unstoppable team. While their current partnership makes sense, I still have to wonder, is there still any honor among thieves?

Maternal Instinct

SILENCER #10 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Even amidst all the mayhem, Honor’s main priority is her family. I love how her determination to protect her husband and son has never wavered throughout the series. With the clock ticking down to Talia’s resurrection, she still had to check on her family to make sure they’re alright during, and after, the monster attack in THE SILENCER #10.

While the giant beast is destroying the theme park, Honor leads her husband and child to safety. In that moment, her words slip and she calls her kid “our son,” hinting at her true identity. Although she tries to keep her assassin life a secret, is this a hint that her two worlds will collide? Will her family find out about her dark side in a future issue? We’ll have to wait and see.

Final Thoughts on THE SILENCER #10

Overall, THE SILENCER #10 is a great issue. With amazing visuals, the artwork by Patch Zircher really captures all the destruction and chaos that comes with a giant monster attack. And the beast itself looks straight out of a blockbuster movie. Also, the facial expressions on the characters appear incredibly genuine. When Honor, in Quietus’ body, leads her family to safety, you can actually see her desperation in his metal visage.

In addition to awesome artwork, there is also awesome writing in SILENCER #10. How Dan Abnett creates such well-developed characters is simply masterful. Honor’s perseverance as a character never ceases to amaze me. It’s such an attention-grabbing story, considering all the action and suspense, especially with Honor balancing her family life with her “career.” Seriously, you need to read THE SILENCER #10. Plus, that ending; what a cliffhanger! So, I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the next issue!

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