Somewhere far in the future, a clock counts down to the final seconds. People shuffle in packed crowds, shoulder to shoulder, down the steps of subways and back into their homes. In a way, it’s lively, seeing huge amounts of people together. Even as they make their way underground. Because they’re all still alive.

By the final second, the streets are eerily empty of people. A desolate scene—the no-life-after-us kind—and the first rays of light strike the buildings. What we come to see is why. Why they live underground. Why the sun—once the very thing our lives orbited around—is now the one thing we avoid.


Writer Zack Kaplan debuts with ECLIPSE #1 as his first book, and he slays with this striking concept. It works excellently as a setup issue: not only do you get to observe life for people in hazardous conditions—you get some context for how long it’s taken for them to adapt to this lifestyle, how they survive, and just how terrifying an upset can be to this delicate and fragile system.

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As you see the story unfold, you’ll feel it in the artwork, too. Giovanni Timpano draws the characters with spidery strokes that capture the eggshell-thin feel to this lifestyle—a grim expression, the unison breath that consumes a crowd, the spacesuit step on a lonely ‘scape. In a clever move, true to its premise, the colors reflect the great contrast between two sides of our new world: at times they are bright, washing out from the blinding, skin-scorching sunlight, and next they provide relief in darkness, awash in shades of blues, purples, and browns.


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What you might enjoy the most, the thing I hope you enjoy, is that while the world itself might beckon to you, while you might want to explore this new life of night people (something many of us late-night peeps might actually be just fine with) is how, as a team, Kaplan and Timpano capture people. The essence of people. Somehow, both the feel of an ambiguous crowd, and the characteristics of an individual person. I look forward to seeing the story progress through the eyes of David Baxter, a grizzled, hardened, cynical man, with an important past and a determined resolve.

This is the chronicle of life in the night. Where sunlight means instant death…or does it? The story of the defender, and the killer who defies all odds. Can he be stopped? Begin the journey with us when ECLIPSE #1 releases on September 7th!

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