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ComicsVerse talked with Kaz Haruna, producer of INFINI-T FORCE, at Anime NYC 2017!

ComicsVerse: Hi, I’m Schane Flowers, I’m here with Kaz Haruna at Anime NYC, and you’re watching ComicsVerse. So, Kaz, I want to ask, how is Anime NYC treating you so far? How do you like it?

Kaz Haruna: It’s only the first day and we’ve only been here for a few hours, so we haven’t experienced the full anime NYC experience yet, but so far it seems like everyone’s excited.

ComicsVerse: And do you think a lot of people are excited, I know that you just had a panel recently. How’d that go?

Kaz Haruna: We just went to see Viz Media’s panel and they introduced INFINI-T for us for a few minutes. It seemed like people are excited about it. We’re gonna have a screening later tonight and then a panel for it tomorrow.

ComicsVerse: Now INFINI-T is almost all CG and I want to know, what’s the difference between CG and traditional animation styles? And why was it chosen to create INFINI-T Force?

Kaz Haruna: So CG is very different because obviously it’s not hand-drawn, like traditional animation is, and the movements and the acting were done by actual motion capture actors and actresses. So I think that’s probably the biggest difference. And for this series we chose not to do the super realistic look or like a so animation look, we went kind of halfway, so it kinda looks like traditional animation but it kinda looks realistic. It’s a very interesting kind of new look, I think. And the reason we chose to do it in full 3D CG is because it’s actually our company, Tatsunoko Production’s fifth anniversary and we wanted to do something new and exciting for this series.

ComicsVerse: I want to ask, what was it like combining the various heroes together into one story?

Kaz Haruna: That was actually very difficult. I think that’s a good question because the four heroes in the series, they originally did not exist in the same universe, so we had to make sure when we brought these four heroes together that people that knew the series before can kind of still believe that this series is realistic, so to speak. We had to make sure that it was believable for the old fans as well as the new fans.

ComicsVerse: So what’s the next step for INFINI-T FORCE?

Kaz Haruna: Well, we just announced that after the TV series, we’re going to do a full length movie, and that’s coming out in February of 2018, and we’ll see how that does and take it from there.

ComicsVerse: Well, thank you so much for your time. For more interviews like this, check us out at ComicsVerse. Once again, I’m Schane at Anime NYC with Kaz Haruna and you’re watching ComicsVerse.

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