Katy Farina interview at Flame Con 2017 by ComicsVerse

Katy Farina is a comic artist and illustrator based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She’s currently the main illustrator of the 2017 STEVEN UNIVERSE comic series, along with doing art for the AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL comics and RICK AND MORTY comics.

We couldn’t get enough of Katy Farina at Tidewater. So it was exciting to interview her again at FlameCon 2017! Watch as we discuss STEVEN UNIVERSE, RICK AND MORTY, her favorite characters to draw, and what’s going on with her personal project in this three-way conversation with Anika Hossain and Schane Flowers.

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We talk about the different job requirements between being the main illustrator of a comic series and working as a colorist. Katy loves toying with facial expressions in STEVEN UNIVERSE to best match the words said in each panel, remembering her childhood and the things she wanted in her favorite cartoons when she was a kid. Speaking of favorites, among all the characters she draws, her favorite is Peridot!

Katy Farina also talks about the fun she has tackling comics that appeal to different audiences. In the case of RICK AND MORTY, as a colorist, she has to do research to best match the show. This meant she binge watched the series for hours, but she’s not complaining! She also provides insight into how budding artists can get into self-publishing using sources like Patreon, Webtoon, and Taptastic.

What’s Katy Farina Up to Now?

She is currently working on the colors for the web comic BUSTLETOWN by artist and writer duo, Becky and Frank. She previously worked with the duo for the BOOM! Studios’ CAPTURE CREATURES. Katy is absolutely thrilled to be working with them again. You can take a look at Katy’s artwork at her website and support her work on Patreon. You may also find Katy on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.


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