In this day and age, the names Hawkeye and Clint Barton go hand-in-hand. But what some people fail to realize is that Clint is just one of two Hawkeyes. Kate Bishop, a young girl still finding her way in this crazy world, also goes by the name Hawkeye. But don’t let the name-sharing fool you. She’s the real Hawkeye. Clint’s the other one. Well, maybe. It’s a matter for debate.

In the past few years, Kate Bishop has worked hard to carve out her own niche in the Marvel Universe. She’s taken her heroics to the west coast of the United States, having recently reincarnated the West Coast Avengers. Where once upon a time she was just another one of the young heroes of Marvel, Kate Bishop has grown into a completely unique character, one who many young readers can look up to and admire.

We got two huge Kate Bishop fans, Matt Attanasio and Jordan Parrish, to chat about what Kate means to them. Plus, we discuss all aspects of the character, ranging from her journey as a Young Avenger to her leading the West Coast Avengers, in this week’s ComicsVerse podcast!

Maybe you know a lot about Kate Bishop and her various runs through the years, with the most notable run written by Kelly Thompson. Or maybe you know next to nothing about who she is. Regardless of your experience with Kate, stick around to hear our discussion on her. Who knows, you might just find your new favorite character! Plus, you can help us out with the “real Hawkeye” debate.

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