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Check out our full NYCC 2018 interview with Kat Howard. Keep an eye out for BOOKS OF MAGIC, the newest addition to Vertigo’s Sandman Universe, out on Wednesday, October 24th.

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Kat Howard may be new to comics, but she is diving in head-first with BOOKS OF MAGIC.

DC Vertigo’s new title is not exactly new at all; Neil Gaiman first wrote this comic back in 1990 as a mini-series, then revived it as an ongoing book from 1994 until 2000.

Kat Howard is giving it new life once again, this time as part of the greater Sandman Universe. This imprint also includes HOUSE OF WHISPERS, THE DREAMING, and LUCIFER. You can get an introduction to all these titles in THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE #1.

BOOKS OF MAGIC tells the story of Timothy Hunter, a teen who is destined to do great things in the realm of magic and sorcery. However, he is not yet sure if he’ll be a wizard for the greater good or one who wields great evil. The comic addresses this moral dilemma, as well as human, interpersonal problems expected from any teen drama.

A Conversation with Kat Howard

At New York Comic Con 2018, Kat Howard sat down with ComicsVerse to talk about BOOKS OF MAGIC, her first comic book. She’s written novels, like ROSES AND ROT and AN UNKINDNESS OF MAGICIANS, but this new medium offers unique challenges.

Howard told ComicsVerse that she’s loving the material and the process of writing scripts. She has a very practical way of conveying the pictures in her head to artist Tom Fowler, for instance. The medium is challenging her, but she is very much enjoying it.

Kat Howard also addresses an elephant in the room. Tim Hunter is a teenage boy who is studying to be a magician. He has a destiny to be great. Does that sound familiar? So, Howard tells us just how different BOOKS OF MAGIC is from HARRY POTTER, and why fans will find new things to enjoy in this story.

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