At this year’s New York Comic Con, we at ComicsVerse got the opportunity to chat with the cast and crew of MARVEL RISING: SECRET WARRIORS!

Chatting with the Cast

Among the voice cast of the MARVEL RISING franchise, we got to participate in a roundtable with the talented Kamil McFadden. Though he is a young actor, McFadden has been a part of the entertainment industry for over ten years. His roles include a notable stint on the Disney Channel television series, K.C. UNDERCOVER.

Now though, he is pursuing other projects, including a foray into the Marvel Universe.

McFadden’s role as Rayshaun Lucas aka Patriot in MARVEL RISING: SECRET WARRIORS is one that he expresses great excitement over. In his process of preparing for the role, McFadden got to know his character in every way possible.

He made an effort to familiarize himself with Patriot’s comic book stories in addition to films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He worked to immerse himself in the world of Marvel Comics.

Ultimately, McFadden found himself well-prepared to take on the mantle of Patriot. As a result, Patriot has become a character he hopes to continue exploring in the future.

As a comic book fan, it is always reassuring to see an actor not only learn about their character but also enjoy immersing themselves into the world of that character. McFadden did just that. Thus, his future as Patriot is one he is undoubtedly ready to explore.

What Lies Beyond

MARVEL RISING: SECRET WARRIORS will not be the last animated feature to include Patriot. In fact, MARVEL RISING’s producers have extensive plans for the franchise.

So, it is safe to say that Kamil McFadden will play a grand role in the expansion of Patriot’s character.

Be sure to watch MARVEL RISING on Disney XD! 

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