Hungry for more installments in the K anime franchise? No need to worry! The K anime continues with the release of a new six-episode film project, K: SEVEN STORIES!

On March 11th, the official K: SEVEN STORIES website released the cast for the second and third episodes. Produced by studio GoHands, Shingo Suzuki returns to direct this collection of spin-off stories. Shingo provided the character designs for the original K series released in 2012, as well as for MARDOCK SCRAMBLE and COPPELION. The first series featured 12 short episodes, each rich with color and flawless animation. The show’s masterfully crafted score perfected its aesthetic and is just one of the many reasons fans love the show, along with the vibrant cast of lovable characters.

New Characters and Cast for K: SEVEN STORIES

According to Anime News Network, some voice actors will reprise their roles in both of the upcoming films. SIDE: BLUE stars Tomokazu Sugita as the Blue King, Reisi Munakata, and Mamoru Miyano as the ever flippant Saruhiko Fushimi.

The film also adds three new cast members to the huge array of characters already in the K anime series. Hiroshi Kamiya, who voiced Levi in ATTACK ON TITAN and Mephisto Pheles in BLUE EXORCIST, will voice Takeru Kusuhara, one of the new characters. Alongside Hiroshi, Shimba Tsuchiya and Tomoaki Maeno offer their voices for the new Scepter 4 characters Jin Habari and Gen Shiotsu, respectively.

A promotional visual for K: SEVEN STORIES SIDE: GREEN.
Promotional image for SIDE: GREEN. | Image: K official site

Additionally, Rie Kugumiya, known for voicing Alphonse Elric in the FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST series, will continue his role as Skukuna Gojo. The voice of Ichigo Kurasaki in the famous BLEACH series, Masakazu Morita, is also confirmed to return. They join Kazayuki Okitsu, Houchu Ohtsuka, Kaori Nazuka, and Hiro Shimono in reprising their roles for the upcoming episodes.

K: The Story So Far

K takes place in the nearby future and follows Yashiro Isana, a seemingly quiet schoolboy. The show picks up speed when a stranger accuses Yashiro of a murder he claims he did not commit. The victim Yashiro allegedly murdered was a member of the Red Clan. As a result, members of the mysterious Red Clan hunt Yashiro down. However, the Red Clan isn’t the only one after Yashiro. The Blue Clan, or Scepter 4, operates as a police force for the Clans, hunting Yashiro for the sake of justice. The Clans are named after colors, each with its own unique powers and led by a King. Yashiro finds himself running from both of these Clans and their Kings, as well as Kuro Yatogami, a mysterious swordsman hailing from the Colorless Clan.

Although Yashiro desperately attempts to prove his innocence to Kuro and the Red and Blue Kings, the plot thickens. Mysterious forces are at work behind the murder and each episode leaves you unable to decide if Yashiro is truly innocent. More Clans are introduced as the series continues into a movie (K: MISSING KINGS) and another season (K: RETURN OF KINGS).

This promotional image for K: SEVEN STORIES SIDE: BLUE features Takeru Kusuhara
Promotional image for K: SIDE BLUE. | Image: K official site

The film project takes place at various points in the K series timeline. Each installment is a spin-off of manga and light novels such as K SIDE: RED and K SIDE: BLUE. The first episode of K: SEVEN STORIES, R:B ~BLAZE~, hits theaters in Japan July 7th.

Predictions for K: SEVEN STORIES

Following the release of R:B ~BLAZE~ in July, SIDE: BLUE, airs on August 4th, according to Crunchyroll. If it follows the K SIDE: BLUE light novel plot, the episode will focus on Scepter 4 and reveal how Reisi became the Blue King. The third installment of the SEVEN STORIES, SIDE: GREEN, which centers around the Green Clan, releases in theaters September 1st. No new cast members have been announced for this episode.

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All in all, K is one of the most visually appealing and creative anime out there. Each new installment to the series brings new and shocking developments to Yashiro’s story. Seeing how amazing the first three installments were, K: SEVEN STORIES is sure to be a treat worth waiting for.

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