Recently, Warner Bros. posted a new JUSTICE LEAGUE video on YouTube called “JUSTICE LEAGUE – Official Heroes trailer” (which can be found above this article by clicking on the picture). So, for the sake of capitalizing on hot trends; here is a trailer breakdown that is so unbiased and comprehensive that it might as well be the official novelization for the upcoming film. Let us start at the beginning:

JUSTICE LEAGUE’s Opening Shots

For the Warner Bros. official YouTube version, the trailer starts at around the 8-second mark. Before that, there are a bunch of split-second action clips followed by the JUSTICE LEAGUE logo, reassuring viewers that this is, in fact, the JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer video.

After all that, the trailer begins with Lois Lane walking out on a porch into a cornfield. We then cut to a close up on Superman’s chest hair, and learn that Superman and Lois apparently got engaged. However, this turns out to be a dream sequence; Lois wakes up alone and paws at the pillow next to her.

A World Without Hope?

As Lois gets up, we hear some type of broadcast:

“The world remains in mourning after the death of Superman. Violence, acts of war, and terrorism are all on the rise.”

Just to make sure the point gets across, we soon see a close up of a rain-soaked newspaper with the headline “WORLD WITHOUT HOPE.”

While that does seem a bit melodramatic, The Washington Post’s current tagline is “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” so I suppose it is keeping with the times. Anyways, back to the topic of “violence, acts of war, and terrorism being on the rise” since Superman died.

From what I remember, the DCEU still had plenty of those things even with the big blue boy scout around: Batman was branding criminals like cattle, Jimmy Olsen got shot in the head, a suicide bomber attacked a congressional hearing. Now, without Superman’s supposed moral guidance, things have somehow gotten worse.

After a couple more shots of explosions and citizens being scared, we then see some parademons chase horse-riding amazons through a meadow. The meadow then gets blown up by Steppenwolf, which severely triggers someone’s grass allergies.

Around the same time, Batman’s voiceover says he had a dream the world was going to end. This is followed by a presumably unrelated clip of Wonder Woman whispering the word “invasion.” We then see the parademons burn crop circles into a valley.

Afterwards, a girl looks out the window and notices a swarm of houseflies emerging from the local power plant. Batman rightly points out that this is “something more… Something darker.” You can tell how serious his expression is, as the camera zooms in on his face and Wonder Woman’s left boob.


After reminding us that the film comes out this November, the trailer shows Commissioner Gordon activating the Bat-signal, and we see Batman looking up at it while showing off his brand new hoverjet. This starts a pose-off between the main cast.

Aquaman glowers in fluorescent ocean light. Wonder Woman stands on a statue of lady justice. Cyborg rocks a hoodie while looking at his hand-generated holograph screens, and the Flash smiles to someone offscreen. Since Flash wasted his chance in the pose-off, Aquaman takes another turn. This time, he shows off his Chippendales-ready body while standing in waist-deep water.

Aquaman is Zoolander on steroids

Also, during the pose-off, Aquaman’s voiceover says that having teammates is for nerds. Batman, the biggest nerd of them all, points out that such a sentiment is inaccurate. After all, without teamwork cinematic universe crossover movies would be feasibly impossible.

From there, the pose-off becomes a full out show-off. Batman blows stuff up in his tank-mobile. The Flash turns out to be electrically powered. Aquaman gets knocked into a pillar from different angles. Cyborg yells while holding onto a glowing blue thing. Wonder Woman takes on Steppenwolf but doesn’t quite nail the landing. The show-off concludes with a dweeby looking police officer getting out of her car to look at the sky, thus making our heroes look better by comparison.


By now, the singer in the song backing the trailer is belting out the lyric “We can be heroes,” as if to remind everyone that the JUSTICE LEAGUE are, in fact, superheroes. Still, this is a world in which the Snyder’s gloomy take on Superman is supposed to be a beacon of hope, so perhaps a reminder is needed.

Speaking of which, after officer dweeby reminds us of how inadequate we are in this realm of gods and monsters, we get two Superman-related images. First, we see Bruce Wayne staring at a Superman hologram. Then there is a close-up on a Superman memorial of sorts adorned with candles, flowers, and one written sentence: “If you seek his monument, look around you.” Given that “violence, acts of war, and terrorism are all on the rise,” I think that statement is open to interpretation.

Still, as Batman’s voiceover puts it, “The world needs Superman. I made him a promise. This is why I brought you together.” Those are relatively reasonable motivations for putting together the JUSTICE LEAGUE. At least it is not because their moms are all named Martha.

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“Ride Ain’t Over Yet”

After some more shots of superheroes doing flashy things, we finally reach the “red fog” portion of the trailer. I call it that because it all takes place in this (conveniently) abandoned city that has been taken over by Parademons, who have turned the sky all red and foggy for whatever reason.

The first big moment here is when we see Aquaman falling through the sky. He gets caught by Cyborg, who throws Aquaman. Aquaman, while being flung through the air, throws his trident at a parademon, killing it.

…you get the idea.

This scene raises two questions for me. If Aquaman cannot fly, then did Cyborg throw him to his death? Also, the ocean is nowhere to be found in “red fog” land. Does that mean Aquaman’s powerset here solely consists of stabbing people with a giant fork?

Well, these questions may have been answered in the trailer. The next scene in “red fog” land is of Batman driving his tank-mobile. Wonder Woman takes out some parademons that were attacking the vehicle, allowing Batman to shoot rockets at an abandoned building so he can drive through it.

As soon as the tank-mobile gets through the wreckage, Aquaman drops from down from nowhere and lands on it. Based on the way the trailer framed it, it seems that Aquaman landed there after the scene with Cyborg. However, it is also possible that the trailer editors simply stitched two unrelated scenes together, and that Aquaman does fall to his death because Cyborg got caught up in the moment. Either way, it is true that without any water nearby, Aquaman is basically “Giant Fork Man.”

The Ride Still Ain’t Over Yet

The trailer cuts to the title card, but there is one action-packed scene left. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash are all in civilian clothes at night. Flash, the youngest and most impressionable, points out the bat-signal in the sky and gets excited about it. Diane and Bruce communicate through amused looks, knowing that the film has successfully related to its target audience.

Actual Thoughts on The Justice League Trailer

To be honest, I do not mind DCEU films. I like the visual style and tone they try to set, and I admire them for trying to do something that we have not seen from the MCU. There are some pretty glaring issues when it comes plotting and characterization (especially in regards to Superman), but I find myself enjoying these films in spite of their flaws. Like most people, I plan on seeing JUSTICE LEAGUE when it comes out regardless of the reviews and/or trailers, and I look forward to watching it.

However, regardless of how I feel about certain superhero movies, I do genuinely despise most movie trailers. It is kind of petty, but movie trailers seem to always go for the most obnoxious obvious cliches possible. For instance, using the song “Heroes” as the backing track for the JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer. How hackneyed do you have to use a song called “Heroes” for a superhero movie trailer? Why are people not ashamed of that?

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Admittedly though, that might just be me. So, if you have strong opinions about the DCEU, MCU, or Movie Trailers in general, feel free to scream them at me in the comments below.

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