We have waited for two months but its finally here! The epic conclusion to JUSTICE LEAGUE/POWER RANGERS 2017 is coming out September 27th! Better yet, ComicsVerse has a JUSTICE LEAGUE/POWER RANGERS #6 exclusive preview to whet your appetites until next Wednesday. If you’re a fan of either one of these franchises, you’re going to want to see how the League and the Rangers manage to face off with the combined forces of Brainiac and Lord Zedd.

JUSTICE LEAGUE/POWER RANGERS #5 Preview: The Battle For Angel Grove Begins!

In this preview, we see that the grand battle for Angel Grove has already begun. The Power Rangers have regained control of their Power Coins and their Zords, but Brainiac and Zedd’s forces still outmatch them. Brainiac and Zedd have unleashed an army of drones, putties, and Zords on the Power Rangers’ Earth. The Rangers would be very outmatched if it weren’t for the Justice League backing the team up. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and others have all come to the aid of the Power Ranger’s Earth in order to end Brainiac’s evil plans to collect the city of Angel Grove. Meanwhile, the Rangers must save Zordon who is currently in the clutches of the two evildoers.

This all points to the fact that Tom Taylor’s new comic will be a brilliant showdown between multiple combining forces. The preview already shows unbelievable fights and superhero action. I can’t wait to see the Power Rangers whip out their Zords to face off with Brainiac’s robots in this climatic battle! Better yet, I can’t wait to see how our heroes like Billy, Batman, and Cyborg will figure out a way to overcome Brainiac and Zedd’s numerical advantage in this fight. Will the alliance between the League and the Rangers be enough to stop these two powerful masterminds? Do they have the power to save Zordon? Can Alpha 5 do anything useful that may guide our heroes towards victory? Find out in this exhilarating, spectacular comic that DC and Boom! Studios will release next Wednesday!


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