JUSTICE LEAGUE Panel at ACE Comic Con 2017

Before ACE Comic-Con came to a close, there was one more treat for fans as some of the cast of JUSTICE LEAGUE entered the stage for one last panel. Jason Momoa gave a huge welcome to the crowd as the panel started. His castmates Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and Ray Fisher soon followed for a panel to an overbooked crowd at Nassau Coliseum.

Justice League ACE Comic Con

Connecting with the Heroes of JUSTICE LEAGUE 

During their conversation, each of the JUSTICE LEAGUE cast talked about how much they connected with their character. Gal Gadot spoke about her bond with fan-favorite superhero Wonder Woman. The actress said that even if she is a demigod, Diana Prince is a human at heart. She added that her love for humanity is what made her like the character. Despite acting as a vessel for the character, Gadot loves the positive message she sends to young girls.

Ray Fisher said that most of their characters have experienced different types of trauma but use it to become something more. The theater actor spoke about his time as Cyborg, thanking fans for all the love. He also explained his fanboy moment during the premiere when he met Cyborg creator Mark Wolfman. Fisher hopes to grow with the character in his next appearance as Cyborg.

Justice League ACE Comic Con

Henry Cavill touched on how he has portrayed Superman on screen. After JUSTICE LEAGUE, the actor hopes to see more of the joy and spirit of the Man of Steel. The actor also spoke about working with Russell Crowe. He said that he looked up to him as a role model growing up. He added that the Australian actor also gave him some advice about working in the acting industry.

Hanging With the JUSTICE LEAGUE On Set

Some of the JUSTICE LEAGUE cast discussed their chemistry on set. Cavill and Gadot described their tight-knit family as dysfunctional at times. For Fisher, he sees himself as the new kid on the block but still a welcoming addition. Momoa says he treats Cavill, Gadot, and Ezra Miller as siblings. Gadot jumped in to talk about working with the cast. She added that got to work with some incredible women like Amy Adams and Robin Wright.

Justice League ACE Comic Con


During a fan Q&A, someone asked Henry Cavill who would win in a fight between the JUSTICE LEAGUE and the Avengers. He confidently said that Superman and Wonder Woman could take out 90 percent of the team. Even Jason Momoa said he would like to see Aquaman tossed in the ring against the Hulk. Another interesting question was asked regarding who would the team use Wonder Woman’s magic lasso on. Jason Momoa bluntly threw out Donald Trump’s name as a potential target.

The panel ended with Cavill talking about how the superhero genre has become so popular. He explains that the best thing about it is that we each see ourselves in these heroes. The British actor admits that he sees Superman in himself in everything he does. Cavill finds the character inspirational and hopes to keep portraying him well.

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