JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY #1 by Joshua Williamson and Stjepan Sejic
JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY #1 is a brilliant introduction into this new series. With a wealth of high stakes action, character drama, and Silver Age inspired space adventures, this is a new series to keep an eye on.
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Ever since Scott Snyder’s DARK NIGHTS: METAL Event, the DC Universe has gotten weird. The best kind of weird, with over the top science fiction and fantasy elements only possible in comics. Now, this newly remodeled, Silver-Age inspired universe is getting a whole lot bigger in JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY #1. During the events of NO JUSTICE, the heroes of Earth freed thousands of shrunken worlds from Brainiac’s home planet.

Since that time, no one has been able to breach the cosmic radiation shielding this Ghost Sector. Now, though, Cyborg, Starfire, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, and their stowaway Azrael are going to try. However, getting past the Maelstrom is only the first step. What lies in the Ghost Sector? More importantly, why did the Coluans hide these planets away?

The Odyssey Begins

JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY #1 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY #1 is an incredibly refreshing comic book. Writer Joshua Williamson manages to fuse together the best elements of the Silver Age and Modern Age of comics. It is a dramatic, character-driven space opera that delves into the strangest elements of comic book science fiction. In this book alone, we deal with multiple planets’ “old gods,” giant space lizard snakes, and a Speed Force empowered spaceship that looks like a skull. Honestly, this book is just a spectacle from start to finish, and I absolutely loved it.

This book isn’t perfect. The dialogue gets a bit cheesy at times, and the world-building didn’t necessarily get enough page-time. However, for a first issue, Joshua Williamson succeeded at his only job. He got me invested in what is to come. I want to know more about this mysterious Ghost Sector. Much like our heroes, I feel absolutely drawn into the drama and stakes of this spectacular space adventure. Williamson simply leans into the weirder elements of this story in a way that I truly enjoyed. More importantly, the inclusion of Darkseid and the implications that he brings to the table make it certain that I will buy the next issue. No one does a cliffhanger better than Joshua Williamson. Also, with the limitless worlds available in the Ghost Sector, literally anything is possible in this book.

A Universe of Possibility

JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY #1 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The characterization in JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY #1 isn’t perfect. A lot of this can be boiled to the aforementioned corny dialogue. This also stems from the sheer amount of action in this book. After all, you can’t have a true heart to heart when giant space monsters have their sights on you. Nevertheless, I still feel that Williamson did a commendable job. He gives readers a great glimpse into each characters’ personality. We get to see the somewhat stunted social skills of former cultist Azrael. Williamson shows us the utter compassion buried within Starfire. And in a single page, we witness the true might and moral ambiguity of Darkseid.

The strongest bits of characterization in JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY #1, though, belong to Cyborg and Jessica Cruz. Cruz is one of my favorite superheroes, largely due to her believable struggles with anxiety. This version of this character is also believably more confident. She might be bored in her new position, but she has this grand sense of purpose to patrol the boundaries of the Ghost Sector. Likewise, Cyborg just fits this story so well.

He gives us his motivations almost immediately, and Williamson does such a fantastic job making them clear. In his eyes, the Justice League can leave a massive path of destruction behind it, but it doesn’t always clean up its own messes. Since this is one of the few times Cyborg gets to be in the spotlight, it was rather nice to see this hero taking charge of his own mistakes.

The Beauty of Space

JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY #1 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Illustrating Joshua Williamson’s beautiful world is the incredible Stjepan Sejic. I have followed Sejic’s work for a few years now, and literally, everything he does astounds me. He brings a very painterly style to comics, giving the world new levels of dimension. His character work represents the gold standard for comics, with incredibly dynamic poses and expressive characters. I was almost disappointed when Azrael put on his helmet. It just took away another opportunity for Sejic to make this character more believable.

I especially love his work with color in JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY #1. The worlds of the Ghost Sector are so vibrant and teeming with life under his paintbrush.


I absolutely loved reading JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY #1. It is obvious from the first page that Joshua Williamson and Stjepan Sejic had a blast crafting this story. Their passion and enjoyment are obvious on every page. It has its issues, but at the end of the day, they are incredibly minor in the grand scheme of things.

This is a brilliant new release and one to keep an eye on for months to come. It is a universe of possibilities, and I cannot wait to see what this creative team does with it.

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