The Justice League is not in a great position. The Legion of Doom has destroyed the Source Wall and freed Perpetua. Perpetua wants to remake the Multiverse into its original form and destroy the one currently standing. Hope may be fading, but if there’s anyone to reignite hope, it’s Superman. The Man of Steel steps up in a big way in JUSTICE LEAGUE #19 – but is it too little too late?

Superman Never Gives Up Hope

JUSTICE LEAGUE #19 starts with Clark Kent at the Daily Planet, writing up the events of “The Drowned Earth” for Perry White. He is interrupted by a call from the Justice League, who are nearby. The team has come up with a plan to recruit some help from beyond their own dimension, tricking one of Superman’s greatest foes — Mr. Mxyzptlk — into showing up.

Mr. Mxyzptlk believes he’s causing havoc, but the Justice League has him under control. Mxyzptlk explains that the Fifth Dimension is falling apart and that the Sixth Dimension is where they need to go. The Sixth Dimension is beyond Imagination, which is what the Fifth one is. That’s where the over-beings like the Monitor and Anti-Monitor are from and where they control the Multiverse. If Perpetua returns to the Sixth Dimension, she’ll remake the Multiverse.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #19, Pages 2 -3. Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Legion of Doom becomes aware of the League’s contact with Mxy, but Luthor and Brainiac infiltrated the Sixth Dimension in the previous issue and have something prepared. Mxyzptlk has been building up Fifth Dimensional energy in Superman, meaning he’s the only one who can survive a trip to the Sixth Dimension. He tries to inspire his friends before he leaves. What happens next is too juicy to talk about here; check out JUSTICE LEAGUE #19!

Snyder Returns in JUSTICE LEAGUE #19

Writer Scott Snyder tagged back in for storytelling duties in JUSTICE LEAGUE #19. As the main architect of the Justice League’s story, dating back to DARK KNIGHTS: METAL, Snyder has had over two years writing the biggest team of the DCU. Snyder gets a lot right in terms of characterization. Batman is the pragmatist tactician; J’onn, the reserved diplomat; and Superman, the ever-hopeful optimist. The DC Universe revolves around the hope that Superman will save the day. Grant Morrison established that with FINAL CRISIS and SUPERMAN BEYOND. Snyder is building on that foundation with his work, especially this issue. Superman is ever-optimistic, and hopes to find a way to stop Lex and the Legion of Doom.

Snyder is also continuing a trend from his METAL days: stacking the deck against the League so completely that it’s hard to see any hope for them. Especially with the stunning ending of JUSTICE LEAGUE #19, it’s hard to imagine how the heroes will get out of this mess. Yet Scott Snyder will find a way to surprise us. He broke The Source Wall in METAL — it’ll be interesting to see what he does here.

Jiménez Hops Back on With JUSTICE LEAGUE #19

JUSTICE LEAGUE #19, Pages 4. Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Artist Jorge Jiménez returns to JUSTICE LEAGUE with this issue. The last issue he drew was an interlude of sorts, JUSTICE LEAGUE #9. That issue was also Superman heavy, and Jiménez is known for his Superman covers during Pete Tomasi’s Rebirth run.

Jiménez does an excellent job with this issue, from the rendering of Metropolis to Mxyzptlk’s warping of the city. He also does a great job with faces; his eyes are very expressive. They remind me of Viktor Bogdanovic’s style, especially on THE TERRIFICS. Jiménez’s Mxyzptlk looks exactly like a mischievous imp or gnome. Kudos go to Jiménez also for the redesigned Justice League costumes; most of them look like original designs, and they look great. These designs are at the very end, so pick up JUSTICE LEAGUE #19 to see them!

Are Superman and the League Too Late?

Snyder has definitely put the Justice League into a deep hole. Will they be able to climb out? The ending of this issue seems to point to the answer being yes, but there’s a potential for a red herring. What exactly is going on? Scotty Snyder continues his death march for the heroes of the DC Universe — hopefully, they’ll make a babyface comeback soon.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #19 by Scott Snyder, Jorge Jiménez, Alejandro Sanchez, and Tom Napolitano
Scott Snyder takes writing duties back with JUSTICE LEAGUE #19, and it's a doozy. Snyder continues the Multiverse spanning super arc he's done by introducing Mxyzptlk to the mix, along with the idea of a Sixth Dimension. Snyder does a good job seeding more tension in an already tense moment for the heroes. Artist Jorge Jiménez is great, especially when drawing faces.
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Mxy Makes Mayhem!
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