While there's still promise for future issues, JUSTICE LEAGUE #17 is a lackluster issue where not a lot happens.
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An Unjust Story

JUSTICE LEAGUE #17 begins with Superman staring down the leader of the Timeless, Tempus. They then start to have a conversation about the fate of Earth. Tempus stresses that Earth, throughout all timelines, attracts danger and is a threat to the rest of the universe. He emphasizes that Superman and the rest of the Justice League are the primary source of this conundrum and insists that, in the interests of the universe, Earth’s solar system should be moved to the outer reaches of space-time, away from everything else. Superman, being concerned for his abducted family, friends, and Earth politely disagrees. In the meantime, we see the Timeless harnessing the world’s greatest sources of energy: the powers of Olympus, the Speed Force, the Magic of Atlantis, and the Green Light of Will. Each other member of the Justice League is preparing for what seems to be the final battle for the fate of Earth.


While I’d like to say this issue was exciting, unfortunately, I have to say it was rather bland. JUSTICE LEAGUE #17 is interesting at first; the idea that Earth is a hotspot for danger to the universe throughout multiple timelines is incredibly intriguing. Tempus also presents a moral quandary: If Earth truly is dangerous to the universe, should it not be moved? Is there any middle ground to be discussed? If Tempus can see Earth through multiple timelines, could he not prevent future catastrophes? These would be rather interesting points to dive into, but it seems the answer Superman provides is to rebel. This isn’t to say the Timeless are to be trusted, considering that the moving Earth’s solar system would be catastrophic, but it seems like a waste of potential to just fly over the conversation.

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There’s also a lot of wasted potential from the previous issue. The Justice League is separated into different times. They either discover new things about their origins or their own society and nothing is done with that information. It’s possible that they may address it after the conflict, but there isn’t any evidence in JUSTICE LEAGUE #17 that would suggest otherwise. This could just be a preference, but it might have proven to be more substantial to slow the pace of the story to divulge the details of each hero’s predicament.


Aside from the ongoing conflict, JUSTICE LEAGUE #17 provides little to no progression.  There’s an inkling of what is to come and the Justice League unites once again, but nothing else. It’s sad to say, but JUSTICE LEAGUE #17 was unfulfilling; the conflict that was bordering on a fight between Superman and Tempus went unfinished, and the dialogue seemed to drag on. I’d like to say there was something that had me on the edge of my seat, but it all felt like familiar territory. Prior issues of the series proved to be far more engaging and provoking. But this one seemed to lack that luster. Story aside, the art was impeccable as always. Here’s hoping JUSTICE LEAGUE #18 ties together some of the interesting plot points.

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