The Justice League is dealing with a lot. Starman has woken up and he’s bursting with power. The Thanagarians are hiding something, and they’re willing to kill three Leaguers to keep their secrets. So writers James Tynion and Scott Snyder continue the epic saga of the broken Source Wall, and JUSTICE LEAGUE #15 leaves us with a few revelations and the truth behind the DC Multiverse.

Warning, potential spoilers for JUSTICE LEAGUE #15 are below!

Secrets in the Vaults

The Thanagarian portion of JUSTICE LEAGUE #15 begins where it last left off, with the Savage Hawkman grasping Hawkgirl’s throat – or so we think. It’s actually mental manipulation courtesy of Martian Manhunter. J’onn figured out what was going on quick enough to create the telepathic ruse. J’onn, Kendra and John Stewart make their way to where they believe the Martian elder is being held.

Thanagar Prime is the Universe’s most secure vault, but the three heroes come up with a plan to infiltrate it. The trio use a deposit attempt by the Dominators to get in. Once inside, they try to buy a little time. Ultimately, the Thanagarians still discover them. They’re also joined by Kilowog and the Green Lantern Corps. The Corps is there to arrest John and his teammates! There’s a huge battle as J’onn sneaks into the Martian Elder’s containment room.

Mysteries Revealed in JUSTICE LEAGUE #15

JUSTICE LEAGUE #15 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

It’s there that we finally get at the mystery of Thanagar Prime: the destruction of the Source Wall has amplified the power of Nth Metal. Shayera has hooked up the Elder to an Absorbascon, which makes memories into reality. Katar Hol, the entire city, are all just memory constructs. The Elder’s mind is one of the few that’s strong enough to contain the memories of the Absorbascon. If the other worlds realized the actual weakness of the Thanagarians, they would lose the respect of the other universal powers.

So in the Earthbound parts of JUSTICE LEAGUE #15, the DC Trinity – Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman – deal with the explosive Starman. The world’s in danger, but Wonder Woman’s lasso helps stabilize Starman. In his clarity, the new hero can see across the universe, which includes our three friends on Thanagar Prime. He sees that the Martian Elder is about to reveal the secrets of the Multiverse to them, and that’s where JUSTICE LEAGUE #15 ends.

Multiversal Mayhem

JUSTICE LEAGUE #15, and the entire series, delves into the lore of the DC Multiverse quite a bit. The history of the DCU can be quite daunting, even for a longtime DC reader like myself. The idea of a Multiverse existing before this one isn’t new. In fact, the New 52 was a new Multiverse born from the old one. That universe itself was rebooted after INFINITE CRISIS – and on and on it goes.

The fact that Snyder and Tynion are referencing a previous Multiverse is just a start – which Multiverse do they mean? Does it predate everything we know? The mystery continues, as we slowly unravel the truth of the Totality and what was in the Source Wall this whole time.

Tynion Delivers Great Action

JUSTICE LEAGUE #15 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

James Tynion continues his excellent run filling in temporarily for Scott Snyder. JUSTICE LEAGUE #15 is much more action-packed and fast-paced than the previous issue; there’s less intimate character developing moments. That doesn’t mean we don’t explore the depths of certain characters: Martian Manhunter’s isolation and desire to connect with someone of his own kind; Shayera’s desperation to maintain Thanager Prime for her people; Kendra’s frustration and desire for the truth. All of those are apparent in this issue as they were in JUSTICE LEAGUE #14, without as many dialogue cues and conversations. Tynion has been doing excellent work on JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK and DETECTIVE COMICS, and that same skill shows here.

Cheung & Segovia Continue Their Good Work

Jim Cheung and Stephen Segovia continue to split art duties in JUSTICE LEAGUE #15, with Cheung taking on the Trinity scenes, and Segovia tackling all the events on Thanagar Prime. Cheung and inker Mark Morales take a lighter touch on their pages, the linework is very clean and simple. There’s no heavy shading until the last page really. Given that Starman was previously exploding with power, the lack of shadows makes sense.

Segovia’s art is much heavier but, given the theme of grim secrets and dark tidings, his art is well-suited. Segovia’s figure work is excellent, and he has a lot of figures to draw in this particular issue, with the extra Thanagarians and Green Lanterns. The backgrounds suffer a bit, but that’s not where the action is. Its in the big fight scene between the Hawks, Lanterns, and Leaguers.

Who’s the Creator of the Multiverse?

Snyder and Tynion are writing new rules for the DC Universe in this Post-Rebirth, Post-DARK NIGHTS: METAL reality. I’m very interested in finding out what they mean by the Multiverse before this one. Is it the Silver Age Multiverse? An even earlier one? The continuity nerd in me is eager to see what they pull off. So JUSTICE LEAGUE #15 is a fun middle chapter with a lot of action, a clarification of the stakes, and an escalation of the risk.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #15 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion, Jim Cheung, Stephen Seogiva, Mark Morales, Tomeu Morey, and Wil Quintana
James Tynion IV, Stephen Segovia, and Jim Cheung continue their excellent work with the World's Greatest Heroes in JUSTICE LEAGUE #15! Tynion and Snyder are creating quite an epic story; involving the entire DC Multiverse is ambitious!
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