NIGHTWING #41 is the heart-pounding conclusion fans have been waiting for. Sam Humphries has written an epic ending to the long-awaited face-off between Nightwing and the Judge. With spectacular artwork by Bernard Chang, this issue is one you won't forget!
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After countless murders and a chase that spans years, Nightwing and the Judge have one final face-off. With an incredible story written by Sam Humphries, NIGHTWING #41 is the heart-pounding conclusion fans have been waiting for. With stunning artwork by Bernard Chang, this issue is one you won’t forget.

Will Nightwing bring peace back to Blüdhaven and an end to the Judge’s corruption? Or will the Judge succeed in his evil plans and leave the city in ruins? I don’t know about you, ComicsVerse readers, but I couldn’t wait to find out.

The Story

The previous issue left Nightwing with a ticking time bomb. So NIGHTWING #41 begins with a bang. The casino explodes, and Nightwing saves a man from becoming another victim in the Judge’s web of corruption. The page looks straight out of an action film.

In a limo filled with pink teddy bear bombs, Judge plans to blow up all the casinos around the harbor. When Nightwing finally corners the serial killer, Judge attempts to escape and return back to the sea, to be reborn again. Our hero dives into the ocean and stops him from doing so, bringing justice to all the victims manipulated by the serial killer.

NIGHTWING #41 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

NIGHTWING #41 wraps everything up nicely. It was great seeing all the characters affected by the Judge’s plot resume their lives in the aftermath. Nightwing’s ally, Lucy, plans to open her new casino and bring gambling back to the city. Detective Svoboda gets to tuck her young daughter into bed, no longer trapped in the Judge’s grasp. Dick Grayson, well, he still has hope for Blüdhaven. Also, as a character, he learns to forgive himself for his failures, which is something he’s struggled with for a long time.

Guppy’s Guilt

Surprisingly it’s Guppy, the timid mutated shark, and son of King Sturgeon, that keeps the plotline well rounded. Incorporated into this issue is a candid conversation between him and Nightwing. Since NIGHTWING #41 is so action-packed, it’s nice to have a pause to balance out the high-intensity pace of the story. Guppy also helps Dick reflect on the Judge’s victims, how they shouldn’t define themselves by their worst moments, including Nightwing himself.

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The Judge is Still a Mystery

Here’s the thing with the Judge. The origin of his powers remains a mystery. We still haven’t learned the source of his eternal life. For me, I would have liked some kind of explanation. From what we know, he’s no ordinary human. In his last scene, he’s detained in a heavily guarded water prison, not some regular jail cell.  What kind of magical force has kept him alive all this time? Was he ever actually human? Where did his powers come from? NIGHTWING # 41 leaves these questions unanswered.

NIGHTWING #41 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Meaningful Visuals

There’s some spectacular imagery in NIGHTWING #41 by Bernard Chang. The accumulation of lives corrupted by Judge captured within bubbles in the ocean is breathtaking. That page really portrays the magnitude of Judge’s destruction and how many people he manipulated.

The paint from a gold poker chip being scratched away to reveal an ordinary token was another image that really stood out. To me, it represents Judge being stripped of his manipulative powers. Also, the seedling from the Justice Tree serving as a symbol of hope for the city is further evidence of this element. The visuals in this issue have a greater meaning and speak volumes.

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Final Thoughts on NIGHTWING #41

NIGHTWING #41 delivers an epic conclusion to the Nightwing versus Judge showdown. From the heart-racing action scenes to the passive, reflective ones, Sam Humphries has written an absolutely wonderful story and a fitting end for this arc. With spectacular visuals that not only look stunning but also represent a deeper meaning to the story, the artwork by Bernard Chang is incredible. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Dick Grayson. Perhaps a new villain on the horizon? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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