What is Jude Law’s role in the upcoming CAPTAIN MARVEL film? We know he’s a Kree leader, but we don’t know his specific character. Is he playing Mar-Vell? Yon-Rogg? Someone completely new? Let’s explore the possibilities.

Jude Law’s Role: What We Know So Far

Basically, we know that Jude Law will be playing a Kree military commander. He’ll be leading Starforce, an elite Kree-sanctioned strike team. Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, will be a part of that team at least at the onset of the film. Entertainment Weekly’s report with those first look photos claims that Jude Law’s role will be a sort of mentor to Carol. He sees her potential, wishing to guide her to greatness.

He’ll also be working closely with Ronan the Accuser. At this point in time, Ronan is still a respected member of the Kree leadership, and not the fanatical terrorist he is in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

Jude Law's Role
Image from Marvel/Entertainment Weekly

The photos and recent trailer also reveal that Jude Law will be a Kree with pink skin. While most Kree we’ve seen has blue skin, there are those that have pink skin. It also helps us pin down who Jude Law could be playing.

Jude Law’s Role: The Assumption Is Mar-Vell

When Jude Law first became attached to the CAPTAIN MARVEL film, it was reported that he would be playing Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel and reason for why Carol gets powers in the comics. Mar-Vell also has pink skin, and Jude Law certainly seems like he would be a good fit for the character.

Jude Law's Role
Image from Marvel/Entertainment Weekly

In the comics, Mar-Vell is initially sent to Earth for reconnaissance. His mission is to see if Earth is a threat to the Kree Empire. While on his mission, he takes on the identity of a recently dead scientist. However, he finds himself coming to the aid of humans time and time again. They mispronounce his name, hence the title Captain Marvel. He becomes one of Earth’s heroes, which does put him into conflict with his Kree superiors on his home planet of Hala.

Jude Law's Role
Image from Marvel Entertainment

As previously mentioned, Mar-Vell is the reason Carol Danvers gets powers of her own. While fighting one of his corrupt superiors on Earth, the Kree device known as the Psyche-Magnetron explodes. The resulting powerful energy blast hits Air Force pilot Carol Danvers, whose DNA gets melded with that of Mar-Vell’s. Upon her recovery from the explosion, Carol discovers her new Kree powers and becomes one of the most powerful heroes in all of Marvel Comics. Mar-Vell then takes her under his wing and help her control her newfound abilities.

While Captain Marvel would be a great role for Jude Law, it does seem somewhat simple and straight-forward. Perhaps a different role would offer something a little more dynamic?

Jude Law’s Role: The Secret Is Yon-Rogg

I’m more of the opinion that the rumors of Jude Law’s role being Mar-Vell are a smokescreen. Marvel Studios is going to use that assumption to their benefit, intentionally distracting from Jude Law’s true role until the film’s release. Why the smokescreen and the secrecy?

It really only makes sense to do that if Jude Law is secretly playing one of CAPTAIN MARVEL’s villains. Given what we already know about Jude Law’s role, his position, and what he looks like, there’s a definite possibility that Jude Law could end up playing Yon-Rogg.

Jude Law's Role
Image from Marvel Entertainment

In the comics, Yon-Rogg is one of Mar-Vell’s superior officers. However, Rogg becomes increasingly jealous of Mar-Vell and his relationship with the Kree medic Una. He tries several times to sabotage and subvert Mar-Vell’s missions, as well as continually plotting to kill him.

Yon-Rogg Fits Well With Other MCU Characters

Yon-Rogg is also in league with Ronan in the comics. They both desire to return their race back to its staunch warrior ways of the past. The photos and trailer hint that this could be the same in the film. It also tracks well for Ronan’s arc, in that by the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY rolls around, he’s completely disgusted with his people’s truce with Xandar and seeks to obliterate them all.

Jude Law's Role
Image from Marvel/Entertainment Weekly

Yon-Rogg is also directly responsible for Carol’s powers and the Psyche-Magnetron explosion. In the comics, he attempts to use the device to create a being to help him defeat Mar-Vell. However, the Magnetron explodes, Carol gets her powers from Mar-Vell, and Yon-Rogg seemingly dies in the explosion.

The alternate story for the film could be that Mar-Vell dies, and Yon-Rogg lives. He then takes Carol with him to Hala, where she joins Starforce, initially unaware of Rogg’s misdeeds until later on in the film. Rogg certainly seems like a more interesting role for Jude Law, and there has been no definite confirmation from anyone that says he’s Mar-Vell. That only fuels this theory.

Jude Law’s Role: A Different Character Altogether?

There’s also the possibility that Jude Law is playing someone completely different. He could be a brand new character, made just for the film to help train and teach Carol. The benefit of having a new character for Jude Law as opposed to an established character from the comics is that Carol receives more of the focus. CAPTAIN MARVEL is going to be Marvel Studios first foray into a producing a film with a strong female protagonist in the titular role. With that in mind, maybe you want her mentor to have less recognition in order to keep the focus on her.

Jude Law's Role
Image from Marvel/Entertainment Weekly

Jude Law’s role isn’t Mar-Vell because that way Carol’s not inheriting a role. She’s making the role her own with minimal guidance. Jude Law’s not Yon-Rogg because that way Carol’s not being deceived by a character the audience knows is bad news before she does. That way her ignorance lasts only as long as ours does.

Having a new character for Jude Law that’s less established means that Carol Danvers gets the optimal opportunity to own her path and journey towards being a hero. In sharing this, I’m not saying that if Jude Law ends up being Vell or Rogg, Carol will be diminished. I’m just sharing the potential benefits. I’m sure that Marvel Studios will be able to deliver a Captain Marvel that is 100% legit no matter what.

She can still own her journey and path with or without those supporting characters. What do you think Jude Law’s role is going to be? Do you like the idea of him playing the villain? Let us know in the comments below!

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CAPTAIN MARVEL comes to theaters March 2019 starring Brie Larson, Jude Law, Samuel L. Jackson, and Ben Mendelsohn.

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