The conclusion to JUDAS has arrived and it's a stellar issue you don't want to miss! Rebelka's monsters, beasts, and settings will captivate you, as well as Loveness' incredible character growth. Everything comes together in this heartwrenching end.
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Jesus needs saving and guess who’s stepping up to do it? In JUDAS #4, Judas enters a monster-filled realm in a selfless endeavor to rescue the one who caused his damnation.

Jeff Loveness and Jakub Rebelka bring you one last exciting issue to wrap up the JUDAS series. It’s an enthralling finale brimming with vivid imagery and powerful character growth. You’ll be sitting for ages pondering the connotations of that thought-provoking ending. JUDAS #4 is a heartfelt issue that highlights Rebelka’s top-notch illustrations.

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Nothing Like Some Good Ol’ Body Horror And Monsters

As much as a well-composed narrative makes or breaks a comic, the stylization is just as important. Rebelka really killed it in JUDAS #4. There’s a major improvement in the characters’ facial expressions. Regret, guilt, despair, thoughtfulness… All of these powerful emotions are brilliantly illustrated on Jesus, Judas, and even Satan. The rigidness of their reactions, responses, and body language have been smoothed out to match the sequences of the story.

Judas #4
Image courtesy of BOOM! Studios.

The color variety in this issue is another gift. We transitioned from the blue spectrum of Hell to redder hues with grotesque elements added in. It provides that unnerving atmosphere you would expect from Hell, rather than the frigid and barren rocky terrain we see initially. But now I understand why this nightmarish setting was saved for the worst parts of Hell. It also makes sense why the most horrifying creatures Hell has up its sleeve are deep in the abyss.

Judas #4
Image courtesy of BOOM! Studios.

Rebelka’s gallery of eldritch abominations is such a sight to behold. His renditions of the Four Beasts of Revelation had me swooning in admiration. So did the designs of the minor monsters as well. They’re all so nasty and disgusting; it’s wonderful. This sets up the tone for the upcoming pages and prepares you for a creature more horrifying than the last on every page.

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All Or Nothing

Doomed to fail from the start. Doomed to be the villain. And doomed to Hell because the person he devotedly followed was aware of the failure in his future. Despite harboring such resentment, Judas risks everything for the world’s final hope: Jesus. Judas acknowledges that, while he was held together by puppet strings by both Jesus and God, Jesus is the face of hope for the world. He’s the figurehead of purity and goodness. Hell is not the place for someone who is capable of continuously extending a sense of faith in the world. It’s not easy to be willing to forgive someone who is a factor in your damnation. But Judas is willing to become his own character in his story, even if it involves saving the Son of God from the pits of Hell.

Judas #4
Image courtesy of BOOM! Studios.

JUDAS #4 is a stunning finale that lets you draw your own conclusions in the end. You spin your own interpretations of the narrative and imagine what lies ahead for our characters. You wonder about Judas’ fate and if this is what he “deserves.” Furthermore, it’s a stunning series in general. The reader witnesses all sorts of transformations. There’s Judas’ growth. There’s Jesus coming to terms with the sin that prevents him from ascending from Hell into God’s Kingdom. And most importantly, you see how important Judas was to Jesus in the comic’s last entry:

“Greater love hath no man than this,

That a man lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13”

In the end, JUDAS is not only about redemption. JUDAS #4 shows the extent of forgiveness for others and for one’s self.

Rewriting A Broken Story

When we first meet Judas, he was pitiful, meek, and scared for his new “life” in Hell. Who can blame him after he thought hanging himself would end his suffering? We’ve seen him upset, we’ve seen him angry, and we’ve seen him near the breaking point where he is almost drawn in by Satan’s desires. He nearly acts on revenge, but a higher sense of morality steers him away from stooping to Satan’s level. For someone who’s a villain in Jesus’ story, he wants to break free — and he does. That’s the glorious thing about JUDAS #4. We watch Judas become an entirely new person from who he used to be. But even with the last act of good faith he could offer Jesus, he expects nothing. Judas Iscariot the betrayer is no more. Now, it’s Judas the selfless savior.

Judas #4
Image courtesy of BOOM! Studios.

Jesus is transformed as much as Judas. The first issue gave us this impression of him as holy, unapproachable, and out of reach. Even when he was sentenced to Hell too, he was still out of reach and relatively unfavorable for stringing Judas along, despite knowing of his inevitable betrayal. Even when he first confronts Satan in a weakened state, Jesus still has a command of himself. Until now, that is. This is his lowest point. This is the face of despair, of someone who’s lost hope despite being the ideal of hope to people. Jesus is no longer far out of reach: he’s a human. He’s humanized in the eyes of the man he dehumanized. This is the thorough break down of a character. This is how Loveness masterfully crafts characterization.


Final Thoughts On JUDAS #4

Have you ever had a story that you didn’t want to let go of even after the ending? It’s still boggling my mind that this astounding and beautiful story has concluded. But man, I’m running to my nearest comic store to get the physical copy. I’m overjoyed that Loveness and Rebelka devised such a magnificent idea. JUDAS is a big topic with my literature group. We were exchanging ideas and our perspectives together. That’s the amazing thing about JUDAS. It’s so heartbreaking and insightful in its attempt to humanize Judas’ actions. There’s so much to discuss, to consider, and to debate.

The definition of a happy ending is much more complicated in JUDAS #4. While we can perceive the end positively, there’s an underlying tragedy to it all. The series asks so many questions. Are you willing to forgive someone who has wronged you? Are you willing to do what’s “good” despite all these misgivings? The exploration of these central notions accentuates JUDAS’ exquisite storytelling. This series is truly a journey. Not a very long one. But it’s a fantastic venture from start to finish.

Don’t miss the stunning conclusion in JUDAS #4, available on March 14, 2018.

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