HAWKMAN #2 is a fantastic issue. The artwork by Bryan Hitch is absolutely breathtaking. His visuals capture the beauty of flight and the intricate details of Hall's past lifetimes. Carter Hall's determination to uncover the truth behind his reincarnations makes him such a captivating character. HAWKMAN #2 is definitely a must-read, especially if you're already a Hawkman fan.
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Flying High!

Carter Hall is on a journey of self-discovery in HAWKMAN #2. Determined to uncover his past, Hawkman begins to unravel the reason behind his many reincarnations. With great writing by Robert Venditti and even greater artwork by Bryan Hitch, HAWKMAN #2 is a must-read.

Warning, potential spoilers are ahead!

Stepping Back in Time

HAWKMAN #2 begins with a blast from the past. As Carter Hall remembers his past life in Egypt and his first memory of flight with his significant other. He recalls discovering a metal, brought by a mysterious spaceship, that granted the ability to fly. Throughout his many lifetimes, the symbol of a hawk has always followed him. Back in modern London, Carter Hall is scribbling in his journal about rediscovering himself and his history. When he arrives at the British Museum, he checks out the “Horus Caged” Exhibit, which appears to be the hawk-like Egyptian deity Horus. While talking to the curator, Hall mentions his theory about the historical artifacts. Were the hieroglyphics influenced not by Egyptian culture, but by something else?

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Suddenly, the room starts spinning and Carter’s transported to ancient Egypt. Now transformed into Hawkman, he encounters his past self, Prince Khufu. Is it time travel? Is it a vision? It’s unclear. The Prince believes Hawkman is the “Deathbringer” he saw in his vision. They have an awesome fight in this sky, surrounded by all these birds of prey. Since they don’t speak the same language, Hawkman can’t tell Khufu that he isn’t the enemy from their visions. Then, he remembers the word “Kalmoran.”

Uncovering Hall’s Truth

Maybe that will be important in the upcoming issues. Whatever this word means, it stops Khufu from attacking him. He tells Hawkman how, after his vision of the Deathbringers, he drew a map to an unknown land and hid it in a secret compartment. When Hawkman is magically transported back to the present, he finds the staff with a map carved into it within a stone column. Apparently, the map leads Hawkman to Dinosaur Island.

HAWKMAN #2 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Carter Hall’s motivation in HAWKMAN #2 is interesting. As an archaeologist, his need to explore is captivating. For all his digging, he’s still just uncovering the past. More specifically, his past lives. Each lifetime he has lived is a part of him. His journey of self-discovery is what’s keeping my attention in this story. Hall is soul-searching for his purpose, the true reason behind his many incarnations. His determination to discover himself is what drives his character and the overall plot.

High Flying Artwork

In HAWKMAN #2, the artwork by Bryan Hitch blew me away. Especially during scenes involving flight, where the characters’ movements look so fluid and nimble. Every action just glides off the page. For example, in the opening scene, Bryan Hitch does a great job capturing the beauty of flight and ancient Egypt.

The attention to detail is also absolutely beautiful. The past is brought to life in this issue. From the gold embroidery in the clothing to the intricate hieroglyphics, every detail is spot on. Each time period feels authentic. The flashback sequence is so well executed, I felt as though I was falling back in time. Seriously, hats off to Bryan Hitch for some breathtaking visuals.

HAWKMAN #2 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Final Thoughts on HAWKMAN #2

Overall, HAWKMAN #2 is a fantastic issue. Bryan Hitch’s artwork is incredible, to say the least. His attention to detail made me feel as though I was stepping back in time, right next to Hawkman. Carter Hall is such an interesting character. His journey of finding himself has truly caught my attention.

If I had any criticism it would be that, while there is an internal conflict within Carter himself, there’s no antagonist in HAWKMAN #2. Although Hawkman does fight his past incarnation, there’s no real threat in this issue. However, this may change in future chapters, if his vision about the impending destruction comes to fruition.

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Also, there are some unanswered questions in this issue. What is Kalmoran? Who are the Deathbringers? What mystery ship brought the Nth metal in the first place? And where the heck is Hawkgirl? Some readers may dislike some of the ambiguity, but I think these elements add to the overall mystery.

If you are a fan of Hawkman, you will love this issue. If you aren’t, you may become one after reading HAWKMAN #2!

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